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Apr 18, 2005
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Bell ExpressVu is adding two new high-definition (HD) channels to its line-up, Oasis HD and Treasure HD, the first time either channel has been available anywhere in Canada.

OasisHD and Treasure HD are intended "to give viewers stunning perspectives on nature in all of its dimensions plus revealing glimpses into the exclusive world of art treasures and collectables," the company described.

"Once again Bell ExpressVu is demonstrating why we are the number one source for HD programming in Canada by breaking ahead into exciting new viewing frontiers with OasisHD and Treasure HD," said Pat Button, VP Marketing, Bell ExpressVu. "We want to bring to Canadians a whole new viewing experience that covers the entire universe of High-Definition possibilities and Canadians are obviously eager to forge ahead with us on our quest for the absolute best in HD programming anywhere."

Bell says HD television, with its brilliant, high-resolution digital images and theatre-quality sound, is giving Canadians a new viewing experience that is richer, deeper and more panoramic than anything ever seen on standard TV. And with an estimated three quarters of a million Canadian households already tuning in to HD's cinematic realism - and with sales of HD-ready TV sets continuing to climb - Canadians can't seem to get enough of the HD experience.

ExpressVu's launch of OasisHD and Treasure HD offers viewers new windows to the worlds of nature and the visual arts in a way that only the stunning power of High Definition can convey.

OasisHD provides new perspectives on nature and our place in it by immersing viewers in all that is wild, beautiful and exotic across the planet. OasisHD is commercial free and re-invents nature TV by allowing filmmakers to use the power, vibrancy and clarity of HD to transport viewers to the most beautiful and engaging places on Earth.

Treasure HD is a new Canadian 7/24 High-Definition specialty channel celebrating the rarely seen world of art, rare collectables and the inspired hunt by collectors for beautiful, interesting and unique treasures from around the globe and across history. Treasure HD explores diverse worlds of visual arts - from humble studios and modern galleries to the world's great museums and venerated institutes - always uncovering unseen treasures and
the people who pursue them.

Current ExpressVu customers can obtain a three-month FreeVu of each new channel. OasisHD and Treasure HD will also be offered free to new subscribers of ExpressVu's HD Value Pack.

About Bell Canada
Bell Canada is Canada's national leader in communications with 28 million customer connections across the country. The company provides consumers
with simple solutions to all their communications needs, including telephone services, wireless communications, high-speed Internet, digital television and voice over IP. Bell also offers integrated information and communications technology (ICT) services to businesses and governments, and
is the Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Bell is wholly-owned by BCE Inc.

About High Fidelity HDTV
High Fidelity HDTV is a new Canadian specialty broadcaster, focused on delivering attractive and original 7/24 High Definition programming to the
rapidly growing number of Canadian HD viewers. The launch of OasisHD and Treasure HD is an important first step in better serving Canadian HD
audiences. High Fidelity HDTV is in active development towards the launch of a number of new all-HD services over the coming months. High Fidelity HDTV's close relationship with Rainbow Media Holdings and with other leading HD
producers at home and abroad will provide Canadians with access to the finest High Definition programming available anywhere.


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Feb 28, 2005
I am wondering how many worlds-of-nature channels we can take? Who said there were bandwidth limitations? :rolleyes: now bring on national geographic.. or maybe russian discovery in HD... :p

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