Best Blind scan FTA receiver

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May 22, 2004
In each person's opinion, what is the best blind scan capable receiver you have used? Please if possible give some reasons why you feel it is the best?

Personally, my experience with each of the following in order of when I used them

Fortec Merc II: Probably the best I have used, nice blind scan options and user settings. Seemed to operate slow and I would have to reset it alot after I had logged too many TP's until I cleared them out.

Coolsat 5000: Not bad, but it did miss some stuff the Fortec grabbed, but it was much faster at scanning.

Captiveworks 600 premium: When blind scan became functional, it worked ok, but below the other 3. Plus it never showed me what TP it found, just scanned, then showed channels. I had to go back to find TP's it logged.

Pansat 3500sd (Currently the one I am using): It seems to miss stuff now and then unless I only scan H or V seperately


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I started out with a Traxis 3500 and have used it for a year now. My thoughts on it are that it is probably the best value out there, especially for beginners, as it is very user friendly in ease of operation and the audible tone option for satellite setup is great. The blind scan is very fast and picks up everything on the sats that I normally scan.
I purchased a Coolsat 5000 last month only for the AC3 capalibility but I must say that so far I am impressed with everything about it. The blind scan is as good as the Traxis and is a little more flexible in options, and the AC3 works fine.
The price difference between them is much closer now than when I bought the Traxis, now about $30.00. Picture quality is very good with both,so I would say that it is a tossup as to which is better.
The Coolsat has become my main receiver and I will be using the Traxis on my BUD next month as I revive it after a 9 year hiatis.


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Nov 5, 2006
Northern California
I just wanted to add that the Fortec Mercury II has the audible tone option for satellite setup, and AC3 output (as well as S-Video output and component output).
A particularly good deal on the Traxis receivers can be found from Forum Member Pete at .


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Mar 6, 2006
Personally I still use the old satworks 3618 (I purchased it used from the classifieds board). Works great and it is fairly easy to setup.
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