best time to request discounts


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Apr 10, 2005
I'm a 20 plus year user, with the Premier package, and all the movie channels. Up to a few years ago, I could get discounts, every year upon request. It seems I can't get them anymore, as discounts are being phased out. I don't want to change my equipment or programing.

I'm going to try again. I'm wondering it there's a best time or day to make my request.
Mondays are usually busy for most call centers (so try to avoid Mondays)

I once called on super bowl Sunday and got 60 off for 12 months
sometimes you may have to play csr russian roulette and get some csr torture before they will give you a discounts. so it might take 10 phone calls to get em!!! if your out of contract i would threaten to cancel and see if that moves em!!!
A rep told us that discounts are system generated. So I guess it's a hit or miss when you call and inquire. We called today and got 80.00 off the premier pack with epix