Better or just as good as Monster Hd

It looks like it'll be neat! I think my husband's going to want it pretty bad:

(from their FAQ)

Will the Horror Channel show movies edited or cut?

All films will be presented unedited and uncut. And whenever possible in the letterbox format.

This confuses me a bit though:

The Horror Channel will be the first and only cable network dedicated to delivering programming and lifestyle content** built around the Horror experience.

** emphasis mine.

So I wonder if this means they'll have makeover shows that somehow turn out not _quite_ right. ;)

[edit] Wow! Check out the advisory board on the 'About Us' page. This could be really good!
Looks like it might be bookend ads according to the FAQ, so that'll be better than cut-in ads.:

But how will Horror channel be able to show movies uncut? Most other cable channels cut out all the good stuff. Won’t advertisers or the FCC be an issue? Wouldn’t it have to be a Premium/Pay Channel?

THC will be focusing on sponsorship advertisers. Sponsors allow us to "bookend" our movies with ads in order to present them commercial free.

Too bad it's not HD, but still sounds pretty cool!
Horror Channel

In an interview, the CEO of the Horror Channel said that the movies will be OAR, bookended with commercials and uncut. He says the commercials will be a sponsorship and that the sponsoring companies commercials will be aired all day between movies so the sponsor is well represented and not just shown at the beginning and end of the movie they bought time on. FMC uses this now. If this strategy lasts, I will be satisfied with this kind of arrangement. No mention was made of HD.
horror channel has no movies no carriage no nothing. monsters has the goods and deals with all the majors. :) monsters hd is the real deal

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