Big Dish Boneyard

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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
Ka? Today!

Also, in the Patriot line, they have KA-Band lnb's.
I want one of these so bad, I can't stand it.
Would love to see what I could get with one...??
Well, there are tons of Ka band LNBf's around for free.
You may just not like the dish and horn they are on.
Why not open up a new thread and let's get some discussion going?
Many new DirecTV dishes are being scrapped out with Ka on them...:cool:

edit: Stogie5150 seems to have indicated an interest in the subject.
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Dec 26, 2006
Great haul there linuxman!!!!! I think you'll like those GI 650's, I love mine. and I bet you'll find that norsat 1.5KU will work just fine too. Hopefully I can start searching for 'satellite flea-market' sales again soon, I love riding around and finding stuff like that. I know where a 7' black mesh is now, with motor,but the dish is shot, panels busted out, bent, etc but I'd take it down just for the motor if they will give it all to me. I'll try to see about that setup soon.


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happenings in the mid-west

Hello Fred,
This post is on the "Big Dish Boneyard" is of a different subject then what was first thought of when you wrote it. Then again it is the same and a whole lot more. I have been thinking of you knowing that you live just west of St. Louis. With all the rain and the flooding that has been happening in the mid-west you have come into my mind and I pray all is OK with you. I pray that the flooding hasn't affected you in your living conditions. However near you are people who have lost everything. I pray for them as well. With all of their possessions being water damaged makes for a large boneyard.

Also I don’t believe that I’m the only one that has been thinking and praying that you are ok. You have lots of friends here. Lets us know of your status.

If there are other members here that live near all of this flooding in the mid-west, lets us know of your status too.


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