Broadcast Networks Programming Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by dfergie, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Link to Todays Broadcast HDTV Program Guide (updated daily from our friends at HDTV Magazine...)
    Watched the last hour of the Today show in HD , Rockstar finale and CSI NY later...
  2. Bones and my DVRd Rockstar.
  3. Bones was pretty good...
  4. I agreed... I am waiting for Dr. Brennan (Bones) to fall into the arms of Booth. I looks like Angela and Dr. Hodgins are in collision course. Although Dr. Hodgins brags so much about women, I'd bet that he is only smoke and nothing else. Cam learned that the team in behinds Bones and not her.

    P.S. 'Till Death, Happy Hours, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

    Forgot about Survivor......
  5. Survivor Cook Islands...
  6. Created a new thread for discussion of programming so it won't look out of context with the new programming info added each day.
  7. Survivor.

    go Whites!

  8. Careful there. Might have to move it to the Pit! :D

    (Just kidding!)
  9. I guess I am confused what the point of this thread it -- to discuss all new network shows; or to talk about new season premieres as they come up?

    I kind of like how we have separate threads going on individual shows. Threads that end up with 30 or more pages drive me nuts (the Distant Nets discussion; what is it up to 50 pages?
  10. When we had the daily broadcast thread we commented on what we were going to watch and how we liked it etc... If needed we will add a comment thread daily, or weekly to eliminate a bunch of pages.

  11. Thanks! That makes sense.
  12. Makes more sense to have a thread for each show that will be followed each season, not that it would grow that big.
  13. Aha i was wondering where that went to? I liked it!
  14. I suspect we'll see both; nothing prevents anyone from creating a topic on a particular show. Geez, I did that already this month :)
  15. Working, no networks, Dvr Scifi friday...
  16. DVR Scifi
  17. That's a standing DVR! :)
  18. Very true:hungry:
  19. Fox primetime prog: simpsons, american dad, war at home, etc.. NFL....giants and jets game
  20. Just got in from work Cowboys-Redskins game and dvring Kill Bills...