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New Member
Feb 21, 2010
Kent, UK
I have been trying to fix a C band LNB on a channel master 1.2 offset dish without much success. It seems I need a C band feed for this dish. I will appreciate if there is someone out there who can either point me to a where I can get hold of one.

Thanks a lot.
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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
Keep in mind that a 1.2 meter dish is too small for general C-band work...
... but we have a number of members getting some good use from them.

Two things I might suggest, are a dedicated C-band only LNBF such as the C2...
... and a conical scalar
to match the offset dish.
And possibly the LNB holder shown, too.

There are other discussions on the forum about both, but this info should get you started.

edit: oh, you are in the UK? International shipping wouldn't be kind to you.
Stilll, we do have plenty of technical info that will be of use to you...
... and many friendly members who will help. :)


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Supporting Founder
Sep 24, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
What you need is the WS International WSKU2C KIT, which is a 65mm LNBF holder and a conical scalar ring.

As far as a feed, we have the DMX241 which is a single output dual polarity C band LNBF. If you are looking for a dual version, we also carry the DMX242.

Get in touch with Charles at our office (cmckoy@wsidigital.com) and he can get you the most economical shipping quote available from USA to UK.
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