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Sep 24, 2005
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WS International DMX5421 Single Ku Band Linear FSS Monoblock LNBF - 4 degrees

The DMX5421 is a 4° monoblock that is designed to receive signal from satellites within 4°-4.3°. This eliminated having to install a plastic bracket, DiSEqC switch, and an additional LNBF, installing a motor, or multiple satellite dishes.

Pickup all the Free To Air FTA Christian TV stations via 1 satellite dish!!!!!

Pickup both Galaxy 19 at 97° W and AMC 4 at 101° W at the same time using the same satellite dish.

This unit has the popular WS2120 2X1 DiSEqC switch used in our DMX741U LNBF built in for reliable switching between the two satellites.

If you'd like to get private label cost or wholesale pricing, please visit WS International Global Satellite Distribution. or email sales@wsidigital.com

If you are an end-user and would like retail pricing, please visit www.Galaxy-Marketing.com | 1-888-333-5560 or email sales@galax-marketing.com

You are welcome to contact us toll free at 1-888-276-6436 or if you are calling internationally, please call us at +770-420-5272.

Receive signal from any of this satellite combination with
only 1 dish!

79°W & 83°W
83°W & 87°W
85°W & 89°W
87°W & 91°W
89°W & 93°W
91°W & 95°W
93°W & 97°W
95°W & 99°W
97°W & 101°W
101°W & 105°W
107°W & 111°W
113°W & 116.8°W
123°W & 127°W
7°W & 11°W
11°W & 15°W
4.8°E - 9°E
16°E - 19.2°E
19.2°E - 23.5°E
21.6°E - 26°E
40°E - 36°E

WS International is the original manufacturer of the DMX5421 Ku band LNBF
Need to order in large quantities? WS International can private label this LNBF for you!

Technical Specifications
Input Frequency Range
10.70 - 12.75 GHz
L.O. Frequency
Low: 9750MHz
High: 10600MHz
L.O. Stability
1 MHz (-40 - +70° c)
Degree Spacing 4°
Ouput Frequency Range
950 - 2150 MHz
0.4 dB typical
Conversion Gain
60 dB typical
Input VSWR
Output VSWR
2.0:1 (max)
F Type female
75 ohm typical
Cross Polar Isolation
>25dB (min.)
Image Rejection
45 dB (min.)
Phase Noise
-50dBc @ 1 KHz
-75dBc @ 10 KHz
-95dBc @ 100KHz
Supply Voltage
11.5 - 14.0V = Vertical Polarization
15.5 - 19.0V = Horizontal Polarization
Operating Temperature
-40 - +70 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature
-40 - +80 degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity
0 - 95 %
Throat Diameter


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Feb 24, 2007
101w up north.
well my frankensat lab is churning too. how about a dual output 4 degree monoblock. be easier to add it into a switching environment. not to many consumers are looking at less than two recievers in the house these days. only my 2 and a half crackt cents. haha. i really should slip by your forum for a bit. its been awhile robby.

crackt out,.
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Feb 5, 2009
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How it's switching btw L.O. frequencies?

Are you planning anything along bandstacking lines? Do you think bandstacking technology will increase its presence in FTA and why?
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Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
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How it's switching btw L.O. frequencies?

It has a built in 22k for low and high band (just like all the Universal LNB's do) ;)
The way t switch between LNB's is via the built in diseqc switch

I wish they would make a standard version of this with a 22k switch built in. Then folks who have multiple dish setups can utilize it that way. Right now the only way you could daisy chain diseqc switches into this is a 8x1 uncommitted switch

Jim S.

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Jan 2, 2006
Right now the only way you could daisy chain diseqc switches into this is a 8x1 uncommitted switch

I think I read somewhere that you can use a 22kHz switch that passes the 22kHz signal through, put the monoblock on the "22kHz on" side and a diseqc 1.0 switch on the "22kHz off" side. True or false? But, it doesn't sound like an optimal solution to me, because all the LNBs connected to the diseqc switch would then be facing a power drop through TWO switches.

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
If the 22k switch is an ecoda (they're magical and can pass commands than no other 22k switch can) then that would probably work.

I dont know why they just dont make a standard version. That was my biggest gripe with the Sadoun monoblock....this was the review I did almost 2 years ago

iceberg said:
Couple issues that I ran into
-Its a Universal LNB and has a Diseqc switch internally. This is not good for folks with multiple dish setups. You are limited to just that. Unless you have a receiver that can support Diseqc 1.1 where you can cascade diseqc switches, you're limited on this. Since we don't really need Universals here in the US, hopefully in the future they make a standard version with a 22k switch to switch between the 2 LNB's so it can be used in a multiple dish setup


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Aug 18, 2008
When you say 4 degree spacing...for what size and kind of dish. I know the Starchoice dual LNBF's have different spacing...one model for a 60cm dish and a different model for a 75cm dish?


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
is the cup half empty, or half full?

For a lot of one-receiver, one-dish installs, this will cut down on the wiring and weather-proofing of an external switch.
Might make alignment easier; not sure.

I'd prefer it had dual or quad outputs, but to criticize it for not being more, is like complaining my car isn't an SUV.
It fills a niche, and for an attractive price.

As for being Universal, it suggests the potential for additional European sales, or that it was already in production for Europe.
Again, a positive influence on the price. - :cool:

It's not for everybody, but anyone with two receivers, or more than two dishes, isn't a beginner, either. - :D
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