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Nov 8, 2009
Palatine il 60074 w of chicago
I got a free kti dish that has a Chaparral feed horn with 2 lnbs on it.
a Eagle aspen lnb and a california Amplifier lnb.
I have a DMX242 that i had already bought for the 2 outputs.
So the question is, is this old setup worth keeping for anything or just trash it?
it also came with a 4DTV 920 reciever no remote.


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Mar 18, 2010
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the 4dtv can be used as a dish mover for the lease or get subs if the battery has not gone bum.

the LNBs you will need to post info on them to get better responces. . .


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Sep 22, 2005
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Yes, it sounds like it.
To hook that to a typical FTA receiver, you'd need to follow the LNBs with a 2x4 (or similar) multiswitch.
You might want to modify the switch to put out 20 volts to both LNBs for proper operation.
Then, you could hook up to four receivers to the four multiswitch outputs.
I would use a self-powered multiswitch.

With your DMX242, each output can select V or H polarity.
So, if you have only two receivers, you could hook one receiver to each output and be done.
For more receivers, you would again use the 2x4 multiswitch, to drive up to four receivers.
No mods to the switch, nor other equipment would be needed.
And, a lot of guys run non-powered multiswitches in this configuration, too.
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