Cable or DISH for HDTV?


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Jan 2, 2004
I'm looking to get a HD signal and haven't been able to get any reception becasue a hill lies between me and the broadcast antennas. So My local cable company is going to be offering HDTV in mid January. My question is are the cable companies signal equal to the Dish?
mitsufan said:
My question is are the cable companies signal equal to the Dish?
It depends on your local cable company. Some do HD well - some don't. Someone that has the same cable company as you can give you an opinion, but even then the cable reliability/quality to YOUR house may be different. The only way to know for sure is to have it installed. That's what I did.

I had DirecTV HD pack and had Insight cable install the HD box. For ME, the Insight cable gives a noticeably better HD picture than the same HD channels on DirecTV. However I also had VOOM installed and I can't tell any difference in HD quality between Insight cable and VOOM - they are both excellent picture quaulity.
Did the cable and voom charge you or did you get a trial period and a full refund.

Oh has anyone been successful in getting you local tv station to wave so you can get a LA or NY CBS feed? If so how'd you do it.

mitsufan said:
Did the cable and voom charge you or did you get a trial period and a full refund.
I think it cost me $40 to have cable installed - they had to do a "wall fish" to put the outlet where I wanted it. You'll just need to call your local cable company and ask them what the charges would be.

With VOOM I, like everyone else so far, had to pay $750 + tax to have it installed - but we have all their programming at no charge until the end of February and a money back guarantee until the end of March 2004.
Three things to look at, quality, quantity, price. After that see if the lower price makes it worth staying/switching to that provider if the other content is also cheaper and/or if there would be hardware that would have to be purchased in order to get the cheaper programming.
Comcast in Philly offers you more stations than comparably priced Dish or DirecTV? How? I have looked and they simply don't. I ask not to troll, but because I wish they did! Hehe. Now the HDTV quality it's probably better.
The CBS HD feed will come free to DIRECTV customers with a DIRECTV HD receiver before the Super Bowl.

To those who say the signal from cable, HD or otherwise, is better than satellite, just remember how cable receive their signal at the headend...
The CBS HD feed will be a national feed coming in through DIRECTV, not OTA. All you need is a DIRECTV HD receiver. If you have OTA HD, then you will have 2 CBS HD signals.
For OTA HD, all you need is a good UHF antenna, otherwise known as the BBQ grill. Make sure it is pointed to the HD transmitters because it is very directional. ;)

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