Calibration Tables on HBO right now!


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Feb 16, 2004
For those looking for calibration tables on VOOM: note that HBO might be broadcasting some of them tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

HBO (201, 203) 5:30-7:00 AM EDT
HBOW (202, 204) 8:30-9:00 AM EDT​
Unfortunately, the calibration tables I saw in the past were all SD, but the color patterns are still very helpful, especially if you have color filters from DVE or AVIA disks.

Note, that it is important to get calibration tables via satellite, not from a DVD. Not only you can use the correct input type and resolution mode, but you can correct/account for any color changes made by the STB itself and by any other equipment between the source and your TV set.
This is good, as I just bought a HD signal generator. lol.

Knew it would happen. ;-)

O.K., just checked and compared. Using the HBO pattern, they are oversaturated when compared to the signal that I'm getting with the Accupel signal generator. But if you notice, Voom or perhaps its their providers aren't very consistant with their signals. If you setup your color based on the HBO split color bars, you'll find that channel 100 and many others are under saturated. Solution for me was to setup my DVI input according to the HD signal generator (a little more saturated) and setup a component input according to the HBO pattern (a little less saturated). This is on a Sony GWIII. Depending on the channel, I can just go from one input to the other to get the best color. I made these adjustments in the service menu to color saturation offsets for each input as at the user menu level, one setting applies to all inputs.

As to how red and green saturations and hues compare, I noticed a slight difference between what the signal generator shows versus the HBO color bars. Keep in mind that when you're calibrating from Voom, you're getting the signal their provider is sending, and all the specific hardware inbetween. This should give you a better calibration, unless the channel doing the broadcasting isn't consistant with the other Voom channels.

By the way, the signal sent on 202 was at 1080i and the one on 204 was 480i.
The delivery system drives me crazy. Since I only have a DVD source for setup, they look great, but it seems everytime I switch between OTA, Voom and Dish, I have different levels of contrast and color, not to mention the difference in sound levels between them all.

Like last night I was watching a movie on Voom and it looked perfect color & contrast-wise, then I switch to Navy NCIS on CBS and the contrast and reds were way oversaturated. I wish they would all adhere to a standard so they would look uniform when switching between them.

My thoughts exactly.

Was you CBS on cable or OTA?

I've got Brighthouse cable and a standalone PVR set to record Star Gate SG1 each week(BECAUSE VOOM DOSESN'T HAVE SCIFI). I played two episodes back to back. One was noticable green, the other was just as nice as clean as you would want it. Once you start noticing this stuff, its hard to ignore. ...and my TV only has so many memories to store non standard setting to accomodate all the variations these goofballs can come up with.
JimP said:

My thoughts exactly.

Was you CBS on cable or OTA?
OTA. Our OTA channels are such a mess, they all vary in color, contrast and sound level. Even on the same channel, like ABC, when they cut to a local commercial insert the volume jumps about 10 db. :no

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