CAMC errors, DirecTV System Failure Update

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Well, 2.3 was really slow up until a couple days ago- it seems to be much quicker now thankfully. It was so annoying to try an order ppv through there before, so I was just using billing still because its instant. 2.3 would drag for 5-10 minutes to process it. It seems to be better now, although Im still going to use billing as long as its available, when its working.

Its crazy because billing *was* the most dependable system we had. And now they are wanting to take it away. This is going to be really annoying when its gone, and our other system, the new primary, has its "scheduled maintenance" everynight an hour before closing time.

I really think we employees should all go on strike the day they take it away from us, until they give it back ;) lol... i love billing. well except for this last week or two, its been really unstable. Before that though, it rarely ever went down and when it did it was for just a few minutes. *sigh*
I'm with you on the strike idea, cause I'm NOT looking forward to tomorrow when it gets to be about 11:30 and people who have LiL issues are calling in. "Erm, sorry, but you can't see the football game, cause some buttmunch in IT broke our office" STMS better be back up tomorrow. I swear, my wrap time for today was insane cause of all these darn manual forms. I hope I get trained on 2.3 soon, and I think it sucks that they're getting rid of billing.
lol, i hear you. My wrap has been in the 90s the past few days. Its ridiculous. They want us to keep our stats all perfect but they cant get the systems straight.

Im so glad I have the weekend off... Last night was bad enough, T2 was in queue till about 15 minutes to 2am. It usually slows down around 10pm or so.

And 2.3 training is a joke. Remember those oh so annoying CBT's that you have to do just exactly what it wants, click on the microscopic point that it wants you to, and psychicly type in the credit card numbers? Oh yeah. Those things. 3 hours of em. I swear those things just train you on your fine motor skills, not actually using the software.

The only difference in the new CBT's is, you cant do the "hit enter" at every screen trick to buzz through them. Ugh.

I'm really looking forward to February... hoping for a promotion ;)

Those were the most annoying, frustrating programs I've ever used in my entire life. At least I get 3 hours off the phones to do them. Even though I'm Tier 1, I got a lot of Tier 2 calls today, probably cause the queue for Tier 2 was astronomical. I guess being a Tier 2 agent wouldn't be that bad, I just hate that the only thing I use OMS for is remote controls. Oh well, all in due time I guess.
Man I need to vent. I'm going nuts here. I just got my system back up last night after a year and a half with Comcast, whom I promptly FIRED, and still...over 24 hours later... can't watch TV. I want my Dtv. When will their system be back up?
Yeah I am getting pretty depressed here. I have my OTA coming through the box and can get the DTV continious loop channels. I need my TV, is this affecting everyone or just new subs and people that have new receivers? I got my system setup around 9:00AM and no TV except my OTA.
what I don't understand is some kind of acknowledgement from DirecTV about these problems on their site. Is this now affecting new customers? I'm ordering monday from VE and as soon as its installed i'm expecting my TV!
JosephB said:
what I don't understand is some kind of acknowledgement from DirecTV about these problems on their site.

That's asking a lot. Given that the system has had it's ups and downs I don't know if D* corp. wants to do that.
I just love they way their phone transferring keeps transferring me to....a busy signal... Basically hanging up on me. I'd much rather listen to music for 6 hours than have to keep going through that. Earlier today they had an automated acknowledgment that they couldn't access their billing system right up front so I knew it would be a waste of time to go any further and I could go find something else to do. Now that acknowledgment is gone which leads me to believe they've fixed the problem only to get disconnected after five minutes of screwing around. I would appreciate a public acknowledgment. Maybe it would motivate them to FIX this problem. Or, at least, come up with a backup.
Well I am at least able to get into my online account now. Was able to before we headed out for dinner. But still no activation. So I put a call in to the number listed above from DirecTVTechCSR. Got through and I thought I was in. Then she said sorry but our systems are updating. Try back in an hour or two. Well guess we will hope for it to just be up in the morning.
Thank you DirectvtechCSR !! Called the T2 number, was on hold 5-10 minutes and in 30 seconds had both my systems up and running. Don't know why the "god darn" ext. 721 idiots could not do that.

Thank you Directv CSRs on this forum!!
Please give yourselfs a high five and pat on the back!!

David Malanick

:) :) :) :) :) :)
Alright I tried again and the guy said "didn't the tech that you called before mention that the systems were down" So I told him that I saw a post were a guy was able to get his activated. Oh well looks like I will still have to wait. urg...
DirecTVTechCSR said:
Just keep trying till you get someone that knows how to get around the system ;).

Congrats, David! Glad you're up and running!

So how can I get through to someone like you, I'd like to get activated myself.
Should I try that number as well? I am a new subscriber or is there something special I have to do.
Everything is up and running like it should be. It seems to not be flaking out either. Let's hope it stays up.
I'm guessing everyone is calling in, I called the main number and it kept disconnecting me (busy signal), I am currently on hold with this number 1-800-730-4742 hopefully I'll have TV soon.
Yep called this morning and they have everything up now. Thanks for the updates.
neff2k said:
Yep called this morning and they have everything up now. Thanks for the updates.

I have been trying all morning and all I get is the busy signal (1-800-DIRECTV 1, 2, 1, 1). What number did you use to get through?

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