Can a SWS splitter go bad? (1 Viewer)

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Mar 25, 2008
I've had a working SWM setup for about the last year now and tonight I come home and none of my receivers can get any signal whatsoever (2xHR21, 1xHR22, 1XH21).

The setup is:

Slimline-5 -> SWM-8 -> PI-28 -> SWS-8 -> Receivers

I did some rewiring and removed the SWS-8 I had in there and could get a signal (i.e. just connect a receiver directly to the IRD port on the PI) but can't seem to get anything out of the SWS.

It was working fine this morning and as far as I know it was clear and sunny all day.

Anyone ever heard of the splitter going bad all of a sudden?
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