Can I add a second receiver myself?

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Jul 18, 2004
I am curious, can I split the line from my direct tv dish into two lines and just buy a second receiver? That seems too easy, there must be some sort of authentication between a receiver and the satellite right? Just curious, thanks.
You wiil need a switch... a regular ole 75 ohm splitter will not work. Having a triple LNB dish with a built in swith I don't know exactly what model you will need but you can definitely add another receiver.
Depends on what type LNB you have on your dish...

If you have a single LNB that allows you to bring 1 line down to 1 receiver No you can't split it... You can split it, after you reach the receiver and go out to TV - put a splitter there and continue to the TV and the other to another TV, you will have to watch the same thing though in each room

If you have a DUAL LNB you can run 1 line to each receiver and watch different things on each TV

An 18x20 multi sat LNB will allow upto 4 recievers

Make sure all lines are grounded to ground block and ground to common ground
Thanks for the reply guys. So there's no authentication needed for the second receiver? That doesn't make sense. Couldn't anybody (who knows how to point the dish to the satellite) just buy a dish and a receiver and get the signal without paying for a subscription? I know this can't be the case or else everybody would be doing it. Please clarify for me. Thanks.
You are exactly right... it is not the case or everyone would be doing it. You have to activate the receiver and subscribe to some type of programming.
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