Can the D* remotes 'learn'?

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Dec 22, 2004

After many months of slow progress, we recently finished off our home theater room - it's great (projector w/ 100" screen). Local HD OTA was very nice, but we just got our D* installed - so far it is great as well. OK, I do wish they had more HD content, but that's a different story.

We got two receivers - the standard SD for another room and a HR10-250 TiVo for the HT room For the HT room, I probably won't use the remote that came with it, we have a Harmony 880 that we'll be using. However for the other SD room, I'd like to use the D* remote to control the receiver, TV, VCR & a preamp (for volume control). The problem I'm having (after a quick glance of the manual) is that it seems that the D* remote will only accept devices on their list that are pre-set. In my case, I'd like to use my existing Pre-amp and it is not on the list (it is a Classe). Does anyone know if this remote has a learning function so I could transfer the info to this remote? I'm mostly interested in volume up, down & mute.

Thanks - not that we are installed, I'll probably be posting more!

they could try to code scan, im not explaining it today though.

im on my 2nd new install contract of the day, it is THAT time of the year.
Please reply by conversation.

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