can weather play into OFA performance



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May 10, 2004
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Okay, I know it could have a small effect depending on night and day and electromagetic fields varying.

However I am suspecious that I all of the sudden boosted my signal by removing the Diplexer on the roof yesterday when I put up the 30 inch dish and ran a dedicated home run from dish to tv.

Wierd thing is that I checked yesterday quickly before installer left and while my new bigger dish signal was kickin tail. THe OFA seemed to not change.

Then I was debating on removing diplexer in house at back of stb but decided to leave it there as I am going to carry D+ signal in the fall (nfl ticket stranglehold by d*) so I left it there. and and plugged into D*stb that is currently not connected to d* dish.

Then last night I turned to local channels and the 3 I was before not able to recieve were comming in at about 65 signal quality.

I thought it was a solor flare or something.

But this morning they are still working yet at a lower signal then last night 28-34

Any ideas??


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May 14, 2004
People have reported that using diplexers can degrade OTA signal. I do not see it but my OTA is pretty strong to begin with. In your case, it may be. Which is why it's recommended you ask the installer to run a dedicated line if possible.


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Apr 19, 2004
diplexer has an insertoin loss of about 1.5 dB each, so about 3dB

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