Can't get Galaxy 10R

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Apr 2, 2007
Hudson Valley Region, NY
I have a small TV that I like to use when aiming a new dish setup for tweaking the best signal and quality. I have utilized another cable and left the receiver in the house and also taken receivers outside depending on power availability. My small TV will also run from a 12v battery automotive jumpstart box. I found this setup perfect for tuning a 90cm dish on X4. I found 4DTV difficult to lock in without this setup with a small dedicated KU dish. Having a receiver already programmed helps too. When I first setup G10 I had trouble too. I ended up scanning from my 10' dish first, so I at least knew what transponders and channels I could tune and adjust to. Without having to blindscan from nothing over and over.

I like Linuxman's compass diagram idea. I think I will give that a try too.
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