Cant get my dish to pick up both 82 & 91 at the same time (9 Viewers)

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Oct 30, 2016
hey guys, I would appreciate some help getting setup.

Everything used to work just fine until a few months ago, when suddenly the Bell guide stopped recording the shows we have setup on a periodic schedule.

I went into my bell menu and found out i was only picking up signal on nimiq82.

Took my ladder out, started playing around with the dish. Only the rotation screw was loose, so im assuming that's what is wrong.

When I rotate the dish left, im able to get 100% signal on nimiq91. When I pivot right again, Im able to pickup nimiq82 at very high strength. What im unable to do is pick up both. I went veeeerrrryyyyy slowly in between both sweetspots, and at no point in time am I able to pick up both.

I chatted with a bell tech guy, and they gave me the exact coords to use. My skew was way off, so I adjusted that.

The elevation meter doesnt have a clear indicator. Its basically a screw, and doesnt have an arrow to tell exactly where the setting is, I assume its the edge of the screw...I marked the current elevation with a sharpie pen and I adjusted to what they suggested (35.7)

With those 2 settings changed, i cant even pick up one satellite.

So i reverted back to the old elevation and rotation, but kept the new skew.

Again i can pick up a strong signal on both, but not at the same time.

Please help me!!!!!!

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Oct 30, 2016
Okay so I omited some details which may end up being critical.

We moved the dish about a year ago, as it was hooked up the the balcony which has moved.

After talking with the guy who took it down and re-installed it, he's not 100% sure he re-wired it correctly...

We never thought much of it, as we were still getting a signal. If it ain't broke, dont fix it...

So I dismantled the head and looked at what I'm dealing with.
The dish is a AK72-BTE, and looks pretty much like this (

The left side is labelled 91, and the right side 82.

Theres only 2 wires in here. Right now I have 2 wires going town the 91 side. The connection on the 82 side sits empty. I find this very odd.


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Jul 9, 2012
that is the newer lnb with a built in switch. Both connections will provide you with 91/82 . If you have run the check switch it should tell you that you have a twin dpp with 91 and 82 if you are getting the signal from both birds.
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May 5, 2007
Salem, OR
If you have a non-zero skew but can get both satellites by swinging the dish it seems likely that your mast isn't plumb. Do you live in Ontario (where the skew would be near zero)?

Have you tried to get the latest numbers for azimuth, elevation and skew? For the satellites, go to the "Multi-LNB" group and select "82W & 91W".

It is very likely that there's a "Elevation Indicator" on the sheet metal that you see on the back side of the elevation slot. This is the reference point (DISH paints the leading edge of theirs red) that you use with the elevation "Tick Marks".

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