Can't keep Satellites aligned with my dish setup..

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Sep 7, 2003
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I have tried for weeks to keep my Ku Band Satellite Dish still. 36" Fortec Star on a pole with DG-280 motor and Fortec Star Dynamic Receiver. My Long/Lat is 81.4/40.8 degrees..If I get 72 degrees set , 83 degrees goes out of kilter..I cant keep a signal on any Sat location for long..Is there a way I can find a midpoint Satellite that will allow for all the sats to be in line?


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Feb 1, 2010
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Set up your satellite/motor to the most southern satellite from your location, make sure your motor is set at the top of the arc also.


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Dec 16, 2008
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Tim, are you using USALS? I tried it long ago with the same receiver and a SG2100 and never could get it to work right. I'm guessing that is the problem your having? I went back to good old Disecq 1.0......later went with a Sathawk/Openbox gave up on using Usals though .....Blind


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Sep 1, 2011
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Based on your latitude 40.8 this is what your motor inclination should be set at and your dish elevation should be close to 43 degrees. If your pole is bang on 90 degrees which is a must set your dish up on true south using a compass. Make sure your motor is in the center position and the dish is aligned 90 degrees to the motor mount. Go into your satelite list and pick your southern most satellite. Enter in your longitude and latitude and be accurate to the decimal point. Make sure the LNBF settings is for 10750 the dish should automatically move to your satellite position. If no signal is present do a blind scan. Once you have a channel go back to dish and fine tune for the strongest signal.

If your USALS doesn't work properly and if you don't have a signal meter then you will have to take a receiver and TV to the dish and use Diseque. You still have to set up on your southern most satellite if not you won't be in the arc.
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