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Apr 6, 2008

I am looking to see if there's a way to change the time the hopper runs the nightly update from 1 AM to 4 AM. I remember back when I had my VIP 722 (or whatever it was) I could change the time.

If it isn't possible, is there any chance it is added in the future? Thank you.
No, it can't be changed. As long as the Hoppers have been out without the option, I wouldn't get my hopes up that it might change.
Ever since the Hoppers were released there have been many requests to bring back the settable update time. There also have been many requests to make the update time be later (if it can't be made settable) when it won't interfere with people watching TV. It has been years and Dish hasn't changed the way it works, so I doubt that it will be changed.

It really would be nice if Dish would listen to their customers, but this is just another example (along with 4X fast forward) that Dish thinks they know better, and just does what they want.
The key here is that you must turn off the Hoppers and Joeys when you are not using them. There is a 3 day window that the Hopper will attempt to update, all day long. So, if you are watching TV at 1 to 3AM every day and you have not allowed the Hopper to update in three days, the update will happen whether you like it or not. If your equipment is turned off (in standby) when you are not using it the equipment will update when you are not using it and you will not have any issue at all....

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