Channel Master Question - setting up DisEqC 1.2 instead of USALS

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Apr 18, 2006
When you go to edit a bin file in Channel Master, and you set up a satellite to use DisEqC 1.2 instead of USALS in the bin file's entry, do you put in the real satellites East/West location or put in the East/West Location in comparison to your zero reference point? I was playing around with a bin file yesterday, and set up everything East of 33 West to DisEqc 1.2 instead of USALS because my motor's USALS only to go 33. For east of there you need to use 1.2. I was seeing tps light up on faraway satellites like 15 and 8 west - but these were data tps, a few scrambled channels, and one channel that looked like Macys channel that's on what is my true south - so I'm guessing instead of using the real 8 west it was moving 8 degrees west of true south or something... or I messed up when editing the bin somehow... so what is it - is CM's DisEqc settings based on real East/West coordinates of the satellite's position like it is with USALS or is it based on adding and subtracting from true south or something else?
satellite positions as stored

I dont use USALS on my Coolsat and when I load the channel list to CM it shows Diseqc 1.2 as 1,2,3,4,5, etc (basically what satellite I did 1.2 first, 2nd, etc). You physically would have to move the dish first before working with it in CM
I know that USALS can get me to 33 degrees west. What I've been doing so far is going there via usals, saving that position in 1.2 and then moving east with clicks east in 1.2, hoping to pick up signals, using tp listings on Mike's list and on lyngsat to try to get the right signals, if they exist... I found 30 w pretty easy - it was roughly 7 clicks East from 33. I'm hoping, if I've got this figured out right, that means that 3 degrees further east = about 7 clicks... Is that right, or does the number of clicks not matter so much any more when you are that far out in the arc since everything is on the horizon at a very low angle?

I'm gonna study this all some more over the weekend some more.

I didn't have 15 w in the bin file until I manually entered it in CM... and put 1.2 position in the bin via CM... some stuff, albeit scrambled stuff, showed up - I need to look over that to see if that's really stuff from 15 or somewhere else.... there was definitely a lot of data tps wherever it was that the dish was pointed... thing is since I'm not totally used to using 1.2, and am spoiled by USALS, I have no real clue yet as to what it really is looking at... I though I was getting lucky or something when 8w started picking up stuff, until I saw that it was scanning in Macys.... I manually loaded 30 w in 1.2 in the receiver without using CM, and that still works fine, so Maybe I need to copy that bird in CM and change settings?
I cant get past 30W so I don't know on those.

I know on my Pansat 1500, the Diseqc 1.2 settings are a number between 27-49 whereas the Coolsat is what sequence I put them in
i was using clicks also but mine was working out to be 10 clicks =2 degrees
but this was closer to the center of arc and would have to recheck everything
to verify actual distance. the main problem i have noticed with trying to find the dish angle (while being offset & skewed by the motor ) this throws me of a few degrees.

and there is also a variable that it might be each receiver moves the motor a little differently , but i have the same motor and the Prime* round dish
That would make sense that the P* would be about 10. I'm using a 76 cm... The P* is quite a bit wider than 76 cm, so I guess it should take a few more clicks?

Yes, you are right, the numbers seem to between 27-49 in 1.2... I have 30W saved as 49. I'm fiddling around with the others. I think in CM last night I put 15w as 15 so maybe I need to change that to a number between 27-48? I dunno... Will review what's in the bin tonight to see what the heck I'm actually picking up, because at the moment, I'm really not sure what the heck is going on.

Guess, what it really boils down to, once I figure all of this stuff out and get the 1.2 figured out, is when you reach USALS limit on SG2100 and have to resort to 1.2 to go further east/west, what's the real outer limits beyond that? I read somehwere that you have about 15 degrees past that... if that's so I'd should, in theory be able to go from my USALS limit, which is 33w to 18w... 18w is close to 15w, but not quite there...

now whether or not there's really signals that I can read that far out with a 76cm dish is a different question - first thing I need to do is get my head wrapped around getting 1.2 working correctly, then figure out max limit on the hardware in the motor, and then try to find some KU signals out there, if it is possible to go that far out.
Ok, True South from here is IA6... i.e. 93W. Read online that sg2100 goes from 70E to 70W from TS...
93-70=23... Does that mean that 23W is the max to the East that I should be able to get this sucker to go?
but reaad somewhere else it's 75 E to 75W so... that'd be 93-75=18W as furtherest East from here??? Gotta check my motors specs since I'm not sure if it's 75 or 70
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