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Aug 3, 2006
Preble County, Ohio
Ever since this bitter cold weather hit us in Ohio (currently 13 degrees F) my antenna rotor has not been able to budge. I pressed the sync button and it still didn't do anything. I last used it on Wed the 30th with no problems, but today haven't been able to get it to do anything.

This a channel master rotor.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Jan 18, 2007
You can try it. Worse that will happen is it doesn't work. This is one reason I use multiple antennas, after experiencing what you are now going thru, 3 winters ago. Now I don't have to wait for the antenna to move to get reception. Just change the channel and wham bam thankyou maam'. ;)


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Jul 24, 2005
Is there anyway to check if the rotor is working without bringing it down? Mine is 200 ft up in a tree. I bought a new cm 9357 controller. But still doesn't turn. And I am not sure it is syncing right. It does not sync to the antennas position. The wires do not seem to be shorted out at this end anyway

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Aug 18, 2008
Northern Va
Are you using the chincy round wire that Channel Master sells? My 9537 quit working & it ended up being the wire. Replaced the wire with more something more robust & all is well 5 years later. (Radio Shack flat wire)

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