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Charlie Chat Recap 6/9/08

Hosts: Charlie Ergen and Eric Sahl

*The Magic number is 100 -- 100 national channels and 100 local channels in HD
* New Channels upcoming for the Olympics
*Jim Lampley
* Will Ferrell and other stars appearing on PPV
*The "Codfather" of fishing from WFCHD live in studio
*Phone calls and E-mails

(Jim DeFranco is absent (Father ill and we wish him well))
Opens with talk of the upcoming HD Olympics starting August 8th.

Trivia Question: Name one of the three hosts on the World Fishing Network.

Video of 22 HD Channels Launched in the last 6 weeks.

This brings us to over 80 HD channels.

Eric: We have had a few questions over the last few weeks about the VoomHD channels.
Charlie: Unfortunately Voom had some obligations they had to live up to and they didn't. We tried to consolodate those channels, but they didn't agree so we are in litigation and a Judge has ruled that they are not likely to prevail so that is where we stand today. We would like as part owners to see them be successful. I'm not optimistic that Voom will be on the air in any form, but we are always open to talk other than through Lawyers.

Eric: We are happy to launch WGN America HD this week on channel 239 .

Now is a good time to upgrade call 1-800-333-DISH

Upgrade for as little as $10 a month
More HD for $10 more a month
HD ultimate for as $30 a month


Video: Taped interview with Eric Sahl with Jim Lampley who has hosted 13 previous Olympics talking about previous Olympics and what's to come.
Jim Lampley: "HD technology reaches out and touches you and will make the Olympics that much more real."
Over 800 hours in HD on the NBCU suite of channels.

NBC Basketball and Soccer Channels

NBC Olympic Showcase will be interactive

dishHD Local Markets- Recent Additions
*Buffalo, NY
*Burlington, VT
*Ft. Myers, FL
*Greensboro, NC
*Hartford, CT
*Huntsville, AL
*Jackson, MS
*Knoxville, TN
*Mobile, AL
*Norfolk, VA
*Providence, RI
*Portland, ME

With these that brings us to 59 local HD markets...57% of US TV HH"s

Dish Local Markets launching this week
*Seattle -- KCPQ
*Sacramento -- KXTL
*Chicago -- WGN9
*Hartford --WTIC
DishHD Local Markets -- Upcoming Launches
June 19th
*Grand Rapids,MI
*Memphis, TN

*Abilene, TX
*Chattanooga, TN
*Des Moines, IA
*Fargo, ND
*Greenville, NC
*Joplin, MO
*Lansing, MI
*Lincoln, NE
*Madison, WI
*Myrtle Beach, SC
*Omaha, NE
*Quincy, IL
*Sherman-Ada, TX/OK
*South Bend, IN
*Syracuse, NY
*Topeka, KS
*Waco, TX
*Witchita Falls, TX
*Wilkes Barre, PA
By End of year 2008 = 100 markets, 90% of US HH's

Mpeg2HD Upgrades to Mpeg4HD
Some customers still have Mpeg2HD receivers if you do:
*If you have a 811 or 6000 you can upgrade to a 211 call us for more info.
*If you have a 921 or 942 Dvr you can upgrade to a 622/722 call us for more info
By the end of the summer the Mpeg2 channels will be turned off.

Upgrade to a SD Dvr for $50

Award Winning HD Dvr's
*One TV Dual Tuner -- 612
*Two TV Dual Tuner -- 622/722
*Pricing starts at $100 with $50 Installation

World Fishing NetworkHD Video with Charlie Moore

Any plans to add Discovery Planet Green?

A: We already have it (Discovery Home formerly) channel 194,

Do you carry Scifi and USA in HD?
A: Yes

How do you get internet services?
A: go thru the broadband connection in the back of your ViP receiver


How does Dish negotiate for SD vs HD versions of channels, can we see KTLA and KCAL in HD?
A: Programmers want to be in every package, we look at the value of the package and try to give customers as much choice as we can... while looking at cost... We are launching the big 4 network affiliates first and hopefully by the end of the year with more capacity we can put some of the others up.

When the DTVPal converter will be available?
A: about June 19th $59, waiting on a $39 box to be approved.

We will offer an installation service for those that cannot install the digital converters, we offer a locals channels only package for $9.99 a month. Our website will have information on this.

Dish Network Referral Program
*Recommend Dish Network and you get:
*$50 in credits($5/mo. for 10 consecutive months)
*One-time enrollment gifts of 5 Free Pay-per-view coupons
*Free Dish Mover coupon
**Club Dish**

Friend or Family Member Receives
*Digital Home Advantage regular plan:
*Free standard professional installation
*Free DVR or
*No DVR equipment upgrade

*Digital Home Advantage 24
*$39.99 credit for 3 months (1st, 10th and 20th months)
*$30 credit on 1st bill, free activation ($49.99 value)
*Free standard installation
*Free DVR or HD DVR equipment upgrade

I have a programming question, this year peach tree in Atlanta have Braves broadcasts, is Dish Network going to carry these games?
A: We are working with Peachtree (in negotiations)

Hartford locals?
A: May 8th

When are you going to offer Vs?
A: Channel 151 Americas top 250 pack.
Programming Talk
*Finding Amanda Clip
Available June 13th on DishNetwork Dish on Demand
*National Treasure 2 also available this month on Demand available on Ppv in July
*Will Ferrell Clip for Semi-Pro
*PPV Boxing Match Diaz vs Pacquiao -- Saturday, June 28th 9 pm
*World Cup Qualifiers

Dish Interactive Upcoming
*US Open

KBS World now available

Eric Sahl and Wolf Blitzer Video

Technical Chat August 11th
Charlie Chat September 8th



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Medford, Oregon
Sorry guys getting another late start... been home about 30 minutes...
WHAT!! This is unacceptable dfergie!!:mad::mad: LOL LOL hey even though i now have D* thank you for all you do.. Also the report is not late when ever you do it it's right on TIME!!:up


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Aug 9, 2004
I have not been home long either, so looking forward to the full recap. Don't look very exitcing though from what I have seen in other threads.
Peter Parker

Peter Parker

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Sep 9, 2003
That's it?

Oh well, at least it's Recap of the Recap fodder for the ages. And WGN America and MSNBC are going HD.

When did they say MSNBC is going HD I missed that.
Jim S.

Jim S.

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Jan 2, 2006
How do you get internet services?
A: go thru the broadband connection in the back of your ViP receiver

Um, what? I think we missed something there.

We will offer an installation service for those that cannot install the digital converters

I think anyone who can't do that is too stupid to have TV. Who does Dish think they are, Best Buy? Are they going to use Monster Cables?


SatelliteGuys Guru
May 22, 2008
"15 true HD channels removed, how many upconverted channels added? Dish: The National HD Liar

Reclaim wasted bandwidth -- remove all PPV!

Ovation, where's my IMF content? "

I agree completely! They never tried to help Voom at all. They should have put Voom in their HD package rather than not marketing it and on top of that charging extra. They had unique great HD now they say they are leader in HD and will get to 100 HD when they have 80 and most are up converted crap! Directv already has 95 HD. Dish should realize that people want quality not quantity.:mad:


Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
So only the $59 digital converter box is going to be out June 19th? How much longer until they get the $39 digital converter box out? My dad's coupons will be expired before we get to use the other two. If Dish does not get on the ball soon they will have a bunch of boxes that won't sell because everyone had to get a different one with their coupon and will have to hope that those that did not get a coupon next year will result in some additional sales.


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Nov 16, 2005
San Jose, CA
So a comment about the MPEG2 shutoff at the end of summer...does that include SD as well as HD. I have a 625 and have not invested in HD yet, will I need to upgrade my box to a new MPEG4 box, to continue to get just the SD channels...?


SatelliteGuys Guru
May 21, 2008
dfergie you have made history :eek:

This DTVPal price and model change is VERY BIG news for the digital tv transition.
Here everyone was thinking it would be $39.99 and in retail stores.
"We will offer an installation service for those that cannot install the digital converters" does not sound like any stores I was thinking of.

Do you have the ability to upload the Charlie Chat to YouTube?

Even though you did give the text descriptions and post the DTVPal images
I as well as other would appreciate it.

Thank you very much

jclewter79 @ said:
I agree 100% not only was the $39.99 price announced at the CES it was announced at this price on a previous Tech Chat or Charlie Chat. I am gonna email the Echostar and Maybe the address. I don't figure that it will do any good but, they need to know that we noticed the lie.
I looked at the previous Tech Chat and no price was mentioned.
May 12, 2008
Hosts: Mark Jackson & Dan Minnick

Digital Transition

Dish Customers won't be affected, but people with OTA will be greatly affected by the digital transition.

Michael Hawkey VP, EchoStar Sales Presentation

TR-40 is now the DTVPal
*On screen 7 day program guide
*Parental Locks
*Analog pass through(some TV stations have permission to broadcast till 2011)
*Low Cost $40 off with Govt. Coupon or 1-888-DTV-2009 for DTV info
According to this Chat it looks like we might have to wait untill Technical Chat August 11th or Charlie Chat September 8th
to get the news about the $39.99 converter.
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Feb 13, 2008
I like how they read e-mails about channels we already have, he had mentioned someone e-mailed about usa and sci-fi, and they both look at each other and go, yes we have them channel 105 and 122,lol

M Sparks

SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 15, 2005
Any plans to add Discovery Planet Green?[/COLOR]
A: We already have it (Discovery Home formerly) channel 194,

Do you carry Scifi and USA in HD?
A: Yes

How do you get internet services?
A: go thru the broadband connection in the back of your ViP receiver

When are you going to offer Vs?
A: Channel 151 Americas top 250 pack.

Wow, I can't believe these tough questions got through the screeners! :rolleyes:

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