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Sep 17, 2004
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My at&t contract is almost up. My iphone 3 g stopped working. Phone is black and won't power up. Apple says its dead and i need a new one. It is not under warranty anymore. I bought a blackberry from ebay to hold me over until i upgrade again. My new blackberry tour worldpho e will not operate in 3G mode on at&t because it does not have a radio to pick up at&t's 800 mhz 3g. Its natively a cdma phone(wish they would have told me that on ebay).

So i am facing fhe decision....get a droid and go with verizon or stay with at&t and upgrade to a 3Gs.
I can't believe at&t won't sell me an iphone replacement a little cheaper than 549.00 -3gs or a 3g for 399.00


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Oct 13, 2003
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All these phones today are great. So, my opinion you should shop price. Verizon and AT&T will probably get you as good as or better than service you have now. If ATT won't play price with you, then go with your best price PDA phone on Verizon. If you travel, you may be disappointed in T-Mobile otherwise they might be your lowest price.

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Sep 9, 2003
How do you use the phone? Droids are fantastic for amny things , soa re blackberries. The apple edge is with Apps. Plenty more available and the amount of memory devoted to apps on an android phone is severely limited.

in other words the correct answer is different for different people based on their needs.