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Feb 8, 2010
Hi Guys, I'm looking for some assistance in setting up a Dish for Circular C-Band reception.

is there anyone on this forum who has a good working knowledge of circular reception, and can assist me in configuring a dish to pick up NSS806?


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Nov 23, 2004
Montreal, QC
Grab a lnbf slap the slab in and you will be fine, if you just want that bird then thats it. Well that and a c-band dish.


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
From New York, with a clear line of sight, you should see plenty of eastern satellites.
I'm on the other coast, and can't give any help, since all those birds are below my horizon.

Here's a fairly advanced thread by Pendragon concerning his solution to circular C-band.
You may not care to take quite as ruthless approach, so do search the forum and hang out 'till other circular aficionados chime in. - :up
List the programming or transponders you are seeking ; if any of them are particularly difficult or easy, someone will know.

Mention your dish/size, and feedhorn/lnb, and whether you are willing/seeking advice on replacements ... or insisting on making your existing hardware work.


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Mar 18, 2010
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hi there. . .i currently run a circle c band (chapperal corotor II wideband w/ norsat LNBs and a 10' mesh BUD) and if you have any knowledge of settin up ku or even linear c band. . .this is NO different.

if you dont, well just read the instuctions on how to set it up. . .or hav a look around here.

those eastern sats gives me on some TPs 99%q eazy.


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Dec 31, 2008
Hi Se09 well to get all the nss806 in circular reception u must to put the hard plastic squard inside the c - band lnb, but it has to be in horizontal and after that u have to put in box circular right or circular left and u'll get good result. i did the test and is good. about 72% in all transponders. good luck. manny


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Aug 2, 2008
I'm in montreal canada lat:45.5N log: 73.6W and with my 6 ft fortec satr i get most of the tr fron 40.5w and is fix there becauce i can't get other sat but i have a 1.20 m offset with c band lnb pointing galaxy 17 and i get good cualite this one is with a motor and i can get other sat in c band


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Jun 25, 2006
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You will need mimimum a 6 ft dish. Then you need to purchase a C-band lnb (easier route) that will allow for circular reception. Basically these lnb have something called a dielectric insert. It is usually a small piece of plastic (made of different materials) that you will insert into the lnb assembly. This will allow the signals to be received in your FTA receiver in circular polarization ( Right or Left hand polariztion). If you take the insert back out you will get linear polarization again (Vertical or Horizontal).
There are lnbs like DMX741 that comes as one piece with the lnb and feedhorn integrated, which is the one mentioned above. There is no motor to change polarities. They use the voltage in your receiver to accomplish that task. You will attach the scalar piece to the tripod arms of the dish and insert the lnb with the insert and once peaked, you will get circular reception.
The other type of lnb like the Chaparral brand requires buying lnb separately, and then attaching to a feedhorn with a small motor to change polarity/skew. This is more expensive and involved, as you need to buy a feedhorn assembly (Chaparral Corotor Plus) with insert that supports circular (still need to use the dielectric insert). You will need to have a receiver that can also control skew. This route is more difficult, expensive, and requires more technical knowledge. The advantage this gives, it allows reception of weaker signals.
The FTA receiver is also becomming an important decision. Signals on NSS806 are not all DVB, but are also changing to DVB-S2 format, and some channels are Mpeg4 HD. Don't forget that there is also a vast majority of channels in other formats like Powervu, Bliss, Conax, which is premium scrambled service that cannot be received, unless you live in the country providing the subscribed service.
Attached is a pic of my 6 ft dish and DMX741 lnb used to receive NSS806 (circular sats). this lnb gives me C and Ku band reception.


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Apr 4, 2004
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I have a 67 inch mesh C-band dish using a GeoSat Pro2 LNBF with di-electric plate and have hit that satellite with no problems. I get most of the FTA stations. There are maybe two or three transponders I can't get enough signal with that size dish to come in. As long as you have line of sight, you should be able to receive it from NY.
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