circular cband, lnbfs, dielectrics and polority (1 Viewer)

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Feb 24, 2007
101w up north.
ive been planning to try a siamese scalar setup (somewhat like pendragons but a little cheaper) to play with circular cband. i had a few minutes today so i decided to test my dmx741u lnbf before i started hacking scalar rings. i already have the lnbf tweaked for linear cband in my 10 footer so i simply inserted the dielectric plate into the grooves. i began hunting for a lock. 53w and 50w were a no go. i then went on to hunt down 40.5w. i couldnt find it either. then by fluke i got a lock. for ku i always associate RH with V and LH with H but im finding the opposite works when trying to lock circular cband signals. so my questions before i tear out the lnbf are....

- should the lnbf skew be different for circular cband as opposed to linear ?
- does RH correspond to V and LH correspond to H like ku ?

im just wondering as im not pulling the lnb until i get a few more parts and it has me confused. im sure the dielectric is creating loss and my declination is a touch off but i cant lock any s2. my quality ranged from 9% to 99% on 40.5w. i still couldnt find 50w or 53w. i did manage to lock alot more tps than i thought i would but i think the lnbf needs to be skewed differently for the circular cband signals. anyone playing with circular cband with a dielectric and lnbf ?

crackt out,.
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