[Viewsat] Completely dead Viewsat 9000HD


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Nov 28, 2016
US West coast
I have 2 VS 9000HD and both have gone completely dead.

Receiver 1 would not power up and the cooling barely turns. No lights, no other visual or sound of power at all.

Receiver 2 began with issues of constantly cycling power and tries to reboot before any channel connects. This went on for about 2 hours before the receiver became completely dead. No light, no sound, no nothing.

My guess is that one of the capacitor have gone bad or it could be a resistor. Don't think the power supply was the issue because my receiver tried to reboot before it went dead. Does anyone have any ideas?

Any suggestions how to test the receiver, board, or power supply? Does anyone have a PDF that you can attach of the 9000HD board in relation to the power issue and how to test it with a volt meter?

Would really appreciate any suggestions.

This has always been my favorite receiver.

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