Confused about Options using Genie Mini and Genie Light with DVR

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Dec 15, 2016
I want to get a DVR and have heard that the HR54 is the best option.

Before I ordered it, I wanted to confirm that it would work on the system I have from Direct TV so I called and asked about what they have. I was told I'd need to get a H44 version because my system has a Genie Light and Genie Mini. My problem is I don't know how ever thing ties together. so I think I'm asking the wrong questions.

I have a model "H44-500" in the Living Room (I think this is the Genie Light) and a "C51-500" in the Master Bedroom (which must be the Genie Mini).

I was under the impression that I would be able to use the "Record" feature from with the master bedroom, or the living room.

The ultimate question is can I buy a HR54 and will it work with the Genie Mini?
Can I re-purpose the Genie Light in say another bedroom?
You have the Genie Lite (H44). They will sell you a hard drive to plug into it to add DVR capability, essentially making it an HR44.

Unless you want 4K this will accomplish what you want to do, use record from both rooms.

You can buy the HR54 outright, I've seen them as low as $200 or so. You still have a 2 year commitment upon activation, and will have to disconnect and return the Genie Lite H44.
Only one Genie (regular or lite) is allowed on an account.
Thank you "jcrandall" and Chip (aka raoul5788) for the warm welcome!

Well I don't have a 4K TV yet. Direct TV quoted $99 to convert the Genie Light to have recording ability. I'm debating on taking them up, or investing the $99 in a HR54 in anticipation of getting a 4K TV.

I was trying to figure out my bill (haven't asked Direct TV) for a breakdown yet, but I'm guessing that the lease on my existing equipment is buried in my bill somewhere. If I buy the HR54 outright, I'm guessing I'll see the $7 / month simply for the fact that I have something connected to their network? Should I be seeing another $7 for the Genie Mini as well?
Are you an LSU Alumni?

I tried one of the Amazon links, suggesting to buy stuff from "SatelliteGuy" in support of this group but couldn't figure out how to buy it. Can you PM me with some advise?
I also saw something that concerned me for one of the HR54's I saw on the web.
"For 4K service, choose the DirectTV C61K 4K Genie Mini Client"
I'm assuming that the "C51-500" I have in the master bedroom, won't output 4K TV, right?

"This unit requires 7 SWM channels"
How do I know if I have 7 SWM channels?
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Upgrade help, currently have HR24-500

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