Connecting a Polarotor C/Ku feed to 6 Receivers? ASC-1 Mover

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Sep 16, 2019
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I am asking for a fellow satellite hobbyist. He has a 12ft Unimesh and has full arc view. An ASC-1 connected in the coax line moves his dish and controls the skew. But he wants to find a way to have 6 receivers connected to C and Ku band. He is ok with one receiver being the only one able to move the dish.

Any ideas? Only thing I could think up was using a 4x8 or something similar to connect the receivers and set them all to 18V. Each receiver could have a separate channel list for each polarity so he would know when to change skew with the ASC-1? Not a simple process...


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Dual C-band LNBF and milti-switch. Each receiver would see both polarities, any time.

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