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Nov 16, 2010
Does anyone have any knowledge of what it take to make this happen where I can view my Directv programming over my pc? I ran my hdmi cable from the receiver to my pc (hdmi-in port) and trying to use Windows Media Center to set up the tv side of it, but of course it says it doesn't detect a tv tuner.

I'm running Windows 7 and the receiver is a Directv HR23-700

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
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Sep 23, 2003
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You have two options,

1) Use DirecTV2PC software on your computer if you receiver is connected to your home network. Using DirecTV2PC only lets you playback previously recorded content, The issue is you can only have one remote viewing experience at a time, so if you have Whole Home DVR you will not be able to view an other location.

2) Install a Card on your computer to be able to capture Video, these devices could have Composite or component inputs, be aware you must view the same content from your receiver on your TV and computer.

There is no way to use a Tuner from your DVR separately from your TV, you also can not transfer recorded content. You might be able to capture the Video from your Component outputs (of your DVR) if you wish to capture in HD, again be aware in some cases the HD content will be downrezzed on the Component outputs if it is copy protected content.

If your computer has a HDMI port on the back of the PC it is NOT likely a HDMI in, it is only for connecting your PC to display on your TV. There are NO devices I know about for PC's that will allow a PC to capture the encrypted DirecTV STB's Bitstream over HDMI, as it is impossible to record or capture the HDMI Bitstream from ANY Cable, or satellite STB.

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