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  1. Yep, probably so.
  3. And if thats the case I suspect DTV or Comcast will be any quicker. My sister had Comcast scheduled for last Friday to hook up internet in New house in Florida and they canceled and have yet given her new install date.
  4. No just that's the first available appointment, I don't want to switch providers ...but, that's ridiculous
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  5. west Texas ..500 miles from the hurricane area in TX, unless they pulled some of their techs to go work on the coast
  6. How about a DISH retailer?
  7. No guide data past Friday night, 9-15-2017 !!!!

    There's a thread just started a couple hours ago regarding this.
    "Hopper 3 - Guide only goes out 2 days as of tonight"

    But it affects more than just the Hopper.

    Please look into this ASAP so people don't miss any recordings.
    Thank you.
  8. My Guide data for my H2 only goes until 6:30am Saturday 9/16 as of 7:45 am Thursday 9/14..
  9. If it's a "rolling" 2 days, no one will miss any recordings.
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  10. I'm already missing a recording from last night that was on an OTA sub-channel.
    All my OTA sub-channels have no data.
  11. A reminder, this thread is intended for HOW to contact Dirt, (Days, times, who, etc), It is not a issue bulletin board for them, not to mention they are operating at a skeleton crew level for the time being.
  12. I suggested in another thread, that since this thread has become so cluttered, not to mention horribly outdated, it would be better to just start a new sticky thread to replace this one.
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  13. I noticed Thursday AM that my guide data for OTA was missing. It was back later in the day but that may have contributed to missingva recording.
  14. I have full 9-day guide data now. On Wednesday, I noticed only a 2-day guide, but I thought that was because I had just got my power back from Hurricane Irma after it being off for two days.
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  15. I need to speak to a DIRT member. I just tried to upgrade to a Hopper from my 722k and they wanted to raise my bill by either $95 or $10 per month. They said it had something to do w/the type of acct I had. My brother just switched and wasn't charged anything like that. In fact he is pay less per month.
  16. That's a one time tech fee. $95 withoht the proplan or $10 with. Although with, it would raise your rates $9 per month.
  17. Okay, I'll bite. Assuming a grandfathered $7 per month DVR fee, the $15 per month Hopper DVR fee would be an increase of $8 per month. Where does the other $1 per month increase come from?
  18. Rounding is my guess.
  19. Because they can
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