Converting from "via Satellite" to "via Internet"


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Oct 28, 2021
Atlanta, GA
I am going to calling Customer Service soon, however, I wanted to get some insight first.

We currently have DirecTV via Satellite installed. We are 6 months into a 24 month commitment. We will be moving soon and will have gig speed internet. I would much rather just use DirecTV via Internet than to have an installer come out again and mount a dish.

Is this a simple switch? Like can they just click a button and my service will come through the internet?
Or do I have get a new receiver... or even worse cancel and resubscribe?

Just trying to figure out the best course of action.
I believe you unfortunately have to cancel your satellite service and return your satellite equipment.
Then, you resubscribe through either, or the "via internet" option on
Apparently, signing up through does not lock you into a contract, and you can bring your own device, like your Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, smart TV, laptop, or mobile device.
However, signing up through the "via internet" option on locks you into a contract, and you need to get a "Gemini" streaming box. That is different from the Gemini that us satellite customers use.
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I am just a little bit nervous. I got off the phone with customer service just now.

From what I could gather, they guy said that he could convert my service to streaming.

He told me that my current satellite service would be in effect until March 7th, at which point the service will automatically disconnect. He said that I will receive e-mailed instructions on how to return my current equipment.

He said that I had the option of using their boxes or I could simply use my own streaming device (Roku, etc.). He said that there would be no additional fees to use my own device. I'm guessing. He converted me to DirecTV Stream instead of DirecTV via Internet. The confirmation e-mail I received shows my new plan as:

75+ channels
Unlimited Hours of Cloud DVR
Unlimited Streams

It shows no other fees or taxes.

He also said that my service will be setup in the system to start once my old service is disconnected.

But it sent me an e-mail to create a new profile, which I have done. And clicking "Watch TV" brings me to the guide and I can view the channels.

My concern is will I be charged an ETF? We still have 20 months left on the contract. He made no mention of an ETF on the phone call and I was honestly afraid to ask.

Maybe I should have asked.

I guess the $27 receiver fees and $15 RSN fees that we're saving will be offset by the ETF over the next 20 months.

Just wish this was a little more straight forward of a process.

Did I do it wrong? lol
Read your contract to see if there's an ETF. For future reference when dealing with CSRs always ask for their name and ID number. Tends to keep them honest and professional.
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If you didn't bring up the ETF, and he didn't bring up the ETF, you will probably get a bill for the ETF. I'd call back and say cancel service again and talk to that department to see what they can do. The fact that you are moving and would like to use internet instead of them having to install a new dish should be something they can figure out on their side to waive that ETF. It could warrant doing the two year contract version of stream though. As you left it from the original call, right now all you have is uncertainty.
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I'm subscribed to the satellite service but I use the DirecTV streaming app on extra TV's and I must mention that several channels I have on the satellite service are missing from the streaming app. Most notably, C-Span.
and I must mention that several channels I have on the satellite service are missing from the streaming app. Most notably, C-Span.
Go into the app's preferences and turn off the hide SD duplicates option. There's an ongoing glitch with it that results in many channels missing, including the C-SPANs
Go into the app's preferences and turn off the hide SD duplicates option. There's an ongoing glitch with it that results in many channels missing, including the C-SPANs
Thank you. That fixed C-SPAN but it still does not add channels like NewsMix, SportsMix, and KidsMix.

Too bad the streaming app can't just let you make your own mix channels.
Hey guys. Thank you for providing your insight.

Here's an update:

I called again and spoke with somebody in the retention department. They assured me that my satellite service was scheduled to be disconnected effective 2/29/24 at midnight. She said that the representative waived the ETF, since he also setup a new stream account at the same time. She also told me that I would not need to return the equipment and that I could recycle it.

They also said that my Stream service charge my card on 3/6/24, however, the service is currently active and can be used. I have already signed in on the streaming devices at the new house. Everything is working great on that end.

Today, on 3/1/24, I received an e-mail confirmed that the service was cancelled and it showed a credit amount of -$4.93. I also received a second e-mail stating that there is no need to return my satellite equipment and provided me a link to print a pre-paid shipping label to send it to a recycling facility, if I couldn't find a place to recycle it locally.

I turned on the satellite receiver this morning, and it still seems to be working. But I'm guessing it might just be a delay in them zapping the account.

Other than that, everything seems to be in order.

The switch was a lot more seamless than I had expected. I'm guessing that they have had a few folks call in wanting to switch to streaming.

I'm happy I won't be paying equipment fees and that I won't have to schedule for an install at the new house!

I'll update if anything else comes up. :)
Glad to hear it all worked out and that they did waive the ETF to switch to stream.

Thank you. The satellite service showed a 726 Error code around noon on 3/1/24. I disconnected the equipment and will ship it back to be recycled.

Additionally, the representative was able to provide me with another 3 months of premium channels with the Stream service.