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May 22, 2008
Hi all-
Per everyone's suggestions before I just got and installed some new equipment to bypass using the 4dtv to aim and the coolsat to tune.
Now this is what I have:
Coolsat 7100

I'm using the jumper between the C and Ku on the LNBF and its running down to the positioner and then to the Coolsat.

I know the electrical stuff is fine because I can move the dish.

But I think I'm missing something because I can't get a LEVEL, let alone a quality signal and I know I'm pointed at 10R because right before we swapped things out the 4dtv was pointed t here and receiving.

What are the LNB and Diseg SW/22 settings I need to be using?

Thanks agani.
the bsc621-2 has an internal (built in diesqc switch)
port #1 or A is c-band and port #2 or B is KU make sure these settings are made in your receiver setup menu... also the KU is Universal so make sure its setup that way.
Which setting is it in the receiver menu? There are a bunch of options relating to Disecq and I can't figure out which one it is?
should be the lnb setting , it might be listed for each satellite mine in the older 5000 are listed that way.
hmm..this is what I have

LNB Power
LNB Type
LNB Freq

Inside DISEqC SW there are the following:
DISEqC 1.0: Can Be 0ff,1,2,3, etc
DISEqC 1.0 (Distant): Same
DISEqC 1.1: Same
The diseqc swtting needs to be Diseqc 1 for C-Band and diseqc 2 for KU
Is that in my Diseqc 1.0 set of options or the 1.0 distant or the 1.1
I can set all 3 in the menu.

BTW getting a signal now. Had a crappy coax problem. Just trying to find something to aim.
use Diseqc 1.0

Diseqc 1.1 is for a 8x1 switch
Diseqc 1.0 distant I have no clue what that is
Coolsat/Beating Head against wall

Figure you're all probably sick of me at this point, but I've got another question. This morning I was continuing to find my satellites and save the positions, with good success. Coolsat 7100 (freshly restored to factory settings) LNBF: BSC621-2 Motech positioner Working on Ku band, so setting for Universal LNB anf Diseq position2 Had position on AMC6 (25-35% quality) Then had G17 (about 40% quality)..working great. then started to try to find AMC 5 at 79W....moved back and forth on right frequency in right area (12182 H 23000 (the New York Network)) and nothing. Worked backwards and all of a sudden had lost the AMC5 signals, and then G17 too. Positioner started giving me Err2 and looked on roof, found it was stuck on the far (AMC6 end). Got it moving again. Reset positioner. Set the limits even more conservatively. Now I'm trying blind searches in likely spots but I think there is some issue somwhere. If I have coolsat about to start an advanced or manual search, it shows a level of about 80% from the LNB (as usual), but as soon as I hit "blind" it loses the level entirely. This is really odd behavior and I'm thinking the blind scan isn't really scanning anything at all. Anyone come across this one? So frustrated! Thought I was in business finally. This is not as easy as I thought when I got started!
the way my coolsat 5000 works is for:

auto scan it scans preloaded (or stored transponders) so if it finds a transponder in the list with no signal then it will show 0 % Quality

manual scan - this scan shows both Level & Quality ( usually this is used to scan one transponder)

blind scan - this scan jumps frequency looking for live transponders it only shows Quality and it jumps around while it searches for a signal. so it might read 0 one second jump to 30 the next and 90 the next. sometimes it finds a signal but doesn't lock it in. it does show the frequency in the upper left of the screen).
Thanks Gabeshere
Well I'm not expecting to see QUALITY unless it finds something. But I thought the LEVEL was just a reflection of being connected to the LNBF and that has always been pretty consistently in the 80% range for me, regardless of whether or not their was any quality. So its really the lack of a LEVEL reading when I switch on the search menu to blind (before actually starting a search) that I think is the problem?
yeah lack of a level meter on those two scans
it only has a Quality meter

now in the setup , motor areas it probably shows both meters

at least your set & finding stuff :) your hooked now :D
See I *thought* i was set up and finding stuff but I think its screwed up again. Because this morning I was getting a level and finding things where they were supposed to be. Now I'm not finding anything at all and don't really think its searching for anything. In fact when I put in a freq/symbol rate for something I know is up there (one of the coolsat 'strong transponders to aim with) i can move slowly across the entire range and not see it....but I could this I'm thinking the coolsat is doing something funky? It's driving me nuts because I was so close and getting hooked, and now think i'm nowhere again!
also remember c & ku LO's are different and if you haven't set up a seperate satellite for each you have to manually change it each time. and for you since you have the bsc621 you would have to set the diesqc every time you change ( from c to ku)
its a learning curve ( and the main reason i got a channel editor and set up 2 satellites one for ku & one for c-band) makes it easier.....
How is it coming along?
Man I feel your frustration and am having similar troubles.........Gabshere is right....going to digital is a major learning curve.

I want to share some observations I've experienced, ask a coupla Q's, and hopefully get some of these fantastic members like Gabs and Ice and anyone else to chime goes:

Re: the voodoo dish movements:
You said:
Positioner started giving me Err2 and looked on roof, found it was stuck on the far (AMC6 end). Got it moving again. Reset positioner. Set the limits even more conservatively.

I had a similar anomoly happen to me......I too have a VboxII (attached to a linear arm on a 10' BUD) and am using my Visionsat IV200 with Diseqc 1.2 to position dish. FOR SOME REASON, every now and then when I am manuevering the dish back and forth using the receiver to do so (via Disecq 1.2)..when I release the button to stop the dish IT DOESN'T STOP!!! It continues to move in the direction I input and will not stop until it gets to the Limit! (Thinking it might be a case where the relay contacts in Vbox were sticking due to overheating, I used the buttons on the VboxII itself to move the dish back and forth several times to try and duplicate the sticking and it would not do it....not encouraging. To me it seems like a failure of one of the 2 boxes to properly execute the Disecq 1.2 command. ANYBODY with insight on that please speak!

Re: the BSC621-2
I bought the BSC621 (NOT the BSC621-2) for use with my 4DTV.
I was under the impression from my research that you cannot use the -2 with 4dtv because it has (2) Ku local oscillators (9.75 GHz Low band, 10.6 GHz High band), whereas the 621 has only one at a different LO freq of 10.750 GHz.

Also the -2 has a built in Diseqc sw. whereas the plain 621 has a 22 khz. switch built in.....I don't have any idea whether this is a factor in your current inability to correctly locate the signals you mentioned, but thought I should mention it...

again, please, anybody.....please feel free to "school" me on this one too!

BTW, Ice...(love your work, esp the IV200 review) you said:

Diseqc 1.1 is for a 8x1 switch
Diseqc 1.0 distant I have no clue what that is
end quote

I found this in a Google cached doc from Eutelsat:
5.2. Multi-Stage (Loop-through) DiSEqC System
This operating mode applies not only to "Loop-through" LNBs, but any switching system where there is a "distant" DiSEqC Slave which only receives power (and/or commands) when a "nearby" Switcher selects it as a source. In this case, the transmission of a DiSEqC command may cause the"nearby" switch to operate, which then applies power to the "distant" slave,which cannot have seen the command. Therefore, the command needs to be repeated after not less than 100 ms, when the "distant" slave has had time to power-up and initialise. It is probably not necessary to consider multiple loop-through configurations, but the master could transmit the command message for a third time, which would also give some error-recovery capability if a command had been missed. Furthermore, if no "backwards-compatible" signalling is required, it even may be appropriate to continually repeat the same message, providedthat the master microcontroller has sufficient processing resources.

end quote

and lastly, regarding stuff disappearing:

make sure that you save your settings as you go!
Thanks for checking close to throwing the whole thing off the roof. Literally have things that were there on saturday no longer there with no setup changes. can scan entire arc on a known live frequency and just not find it.
This afternoon's project...back up to roof (depsite the heat) and try it again.

This is where I am at now
-4dtv not connected to anything
-have coolsat plugged into positioner plugged into the new LNBF (BSC 621-2) on roof.

things that make me concerned about it right now about something being busted (perhaps the coolsat?)
-Shifting #s on positioner for same signal

No level on blind search screen before you press SEARCH, which i SWEAR was there a few days ago.

Panning the entire thing and not finding a know frequency includling things I got a few days ago.

Everytime turn on Coolsat it asks for time zone and to autodetect...

Have managed to get quality on one of the directv birds but obviously can't watch any of it.
I have used USB key and the built-in restore to factory default a few times. Its the most recent version (dated this January) both in the factory default and downloadable from the coolsat site. I haven't been convinced that it has been totally wiped/reset though -- can anyone guide me on that?
you can try to do a NVRAM clear. Then load the factory firmware and do a factory reset three times in a row. ( i.e. load factory do reset, load factory do reset, load factory do reset. ) This should give you a clean slate to work with. when I get home from work I will leave direction how to do NVRAM clear if you do not know how
That would be great if you could send.
Can I do the reload from USB instad of a cable (which I don't have?) There seems to be some mixed advice on that.
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