Coolsat=Hub-Tech /Clarke-Tech

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Sep 15, 2005
I came across two websites which have product similar to Coolsat. has all the products similar to Coolsat products with PAL system and UK (scart) connectors. has different versions of Coolsat 5000. Hub-Tech seems to be company whichis manufacturing these STBs in Korea.
interesting well it figures , i know someone overseas recently posted a pic and one of the guys reconized a receiver and they had different names. but i figure its that way with most products . geared for each consumer region where a korean name might not have much pull here in the USA. CoolSat does have a good sounding name.

the first site didn't have any sw upgrades but he clark-tech site did lol

wonder if its better than version 1.00

On the above website, you can trace some brands, for example,
Pansat = Globalteq.
And Hubtech receiver is branded as:
Benjamin, Ringstar, SkyX, CoolSat, Cooltec, Digiwave, Technomate, Clarke-Tech., Strong, Cobra/ Masterbox.
Very popular, indeed.
Receiver software maybe not compatible between all these brands, but
some software tools, like STB tool, can be used. I used STB Tool from HubTech to get upload/download channel/TP info from/to Coolsat
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