Copying your DVD's must now be legal

Very careful wording "a Blu-ray to high-definition digital version" seems to imply it won't be quite as high in quality. I suppose there's a market for it.
Just because Walmart has obtained a license from the studios to do this service doesn't mean you have the same rights without that special license. :) However, you CAN make a digital copy of your DVD or rather BluRay as long as the disk set you bought comes with the consumer version called "Digital Copy" I'm sure you've heard of it. Digital copy is a very nice way for you to move your movie to an ipad for viewing on a trip. BTW- Both Netflix and Block Buster have special licenses to duplicate their own rental versions of movies, add their own labels and mass produce them. None of these special contracts mean that these movies are now in the public domain. DMCA is still in force. No Fair Use provisions as with the analog hole copies. If you want a copy that is really good and also completely legal, make a recording using component analog and stereo analog audio recording of the video while playing it. You will need a good analog video capture card or HD camcorder and then you may never distribute it outside your household.
On the Walmart side, they only have to store one copy of a given disc. Then a DB keeps track of who has access to that copy. It still adds up at 100-120 DVDs to a TB of storage, assuming it's an ISO of the content and not further shrunk down.

Capture card to copy? Anydvd is so much easier.

No android either? That's a majority of the smartphone market they are missing. There are other streamers such as netflix that did not need some security upgrade.

Here's a rumor: 15" MacBook Air to kill 15" MacBook Pro

I broke the glass on my Ipad....options?

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