New War between two Action Camera Companies


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The granddaddy of Action Cameras has a new competitor that is giving GoPro a real challenge. It's the dji Action 3. Stealing GoPro's popular form factor it seems to check all the Go Pro boxes in Performance and features. GoPro's latest Hero 11 was thought to be the king of the bunch but this new smaller Action 3 from dji is matching all of GoPro's key features except for one, color saturation. GoPro Hero 11 offers 10 bit color and for the critical videographer this is important. However, Action 3 is supposed to have that feature too in October with a software update. All other features such as resolution, detail, sharpness and lens distortion is hard to see the difference. The dji Action 3 even has a larger sensor than the Hero 11. Plus it's low light noise level is better than the Hero 11. The Action 3 also will be water proof to 50ft., deeper than the Hero 11 without a diving case.

But there is one very important test that, IMO, put the dji Action 3 way above the GoPro Hero 11. Overheating. The Hero 11 continues to have an overheating and shutting down problem on long recordings while the testing of the Action 3 has yet to shut down even when shooting until the battery is exhausted for over 90 minutes. IMO, it doesn't matter if the Hero 3 has slightly better color saturation if it shuts down and doesn't record. Excuse from GoPro is that the Hero 11 is an "action" camera and isn't designed to do long recording sessions. But they have just admitted the Hero 11 doesn't care about a whole other market many have tried to use it for. Why not have both capability, superior image stabilization and long recording times?

Plus for the budget minded the Action 3 is much cheaper at $349. The Hero 11 comes in at $549. I have seen reports that people are cancelling their preorders for the Hero 11, so much so that GoPro just announced a huge price drop to $399. Still more expensive by $50.

I have been a long time GoPro fan for years but I am continuously frustrated with overheating. I decided to give the Action 3 a go instead of buying the Hero 11. Sure, I will need to have yet a different form factor on batteries, but the accessory kit comes with 3 dji batteries and a 3x external charger so I can't complain. When you're #2, you listen to what the customers want and don't tell them they need to just not shoot long recording times.

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