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Apr 18, 2008
Techfizzle's Dish ID Thread (look here before posting a "what dish is this" thread)

One of these has been in order for a long time. This is handy for first timers on to this site. To confirm what type of dish they have, incase they dont know who made their dish, like the brand is gone, and will cut down on "What dish is this?" threads if the moderator can, i would like to have this as a sticky.
Reflector is the dish shaped part
Feedhorn is the eye of the dish, located in front of the reflector
Mount is the metal on the back of the dish
Actuator is the long metal tube on the back of the dish that moves it
H-H mount, has a long gear driven motor on it to turn the dish.

Birdview of Birdview Satellite Comunications Chanute,Kansas

Production Started 1981 ended????

What makes it a birdview?
1. White Solid Aluminum Reflector or one with holes in it? If holes, 2 peice design?
2. Is Dish NOT over 10.5 Foot?
3. 3 legs holding the feedhorn to the dish, with 2 legs on each point?
4. Mount on the back has a half circle on top or bottom?

Dish one and two are birdviews

Perfect 10

Made 7.5 foot and 10 foot dishes and 12 foot (unconfirmed)

What makes it a perfect 10?

1. Is your dish grey? Most if not all perfect 10's were grey.
2. Does your dish have a circle rib on the back of your dish? although many other brands had a support circle
3. is you dish not solid?
4. does your feedhorn attach to support ribs, on the inside of the reflector, next to the edge?
5. Does your dish have 16 ribs, not counting where two ribs meet?

then it might be a perfect 10

sami/ KTI

made 6, 7.5, 10 and 12 foot antennas

1. is your dish mesh?

more to come too tired


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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jul 30, 2008
Cosmo is a very well built an great playing dish, an they also had a H to H mount that was very nice to (Von Weise motor), as well as you could get it also with a polar mount. Cosmo has been known for their 3-leg feed supports that are highly adjustable. back in their day was a very costly dish to buy. think they stop production about 93.


Prehistoric Satellite Guru
Supporting Founder
Jun 4, 2004
Montfort, Wisconsin
Cosmos made a 10-1/2 and a 12 foot antenna, based from a factory near Medford, Oregon, between about 1984 and 1989. Excellent performing sectional type antennas. They made a marketing agreement with Chaparral Communications to sell their antennas under the Chaparral name. Unfortunately something went wrong with that agreement and they ended up in a court dispute. Cosmos won and was given damages, but the drain of time and resources was too much for the owners, who decided to exit the satellite antenna business completely. It was ironic that they had just completed a much larger manufacturing facility....but decided to take the money and get out of the industry.
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