CW600S Premium LNB switching is odd

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Aug 17, 2006
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Now that I'm in the process of adding a new dish (fixed for now but may motorize it) I'm finding the CW600S Premium receiver LNB switching odd; so much so that I have trouble trusting it is actually doing what I've set it to do. Here's the scenario:

Motorized Fortec 90cm w/QPH-031 on LNB1 and LNB2 on diseqc switch. These have always worked fine since I set everything up this summer. Fast forward to now and I've hooked up a 1m (actually 99cm but close enough :) ) Gospell dish with a generic (Gospell?) universal LNB on LNB4. The reason it's not on LNB3 is because the LNB3 input faces up and the cabling is a bit tider with in on LNB4 on the bottom. So I go to AMC5 on the motorized Fortec, find a transponder with a big signal, then switch the LNB setting to LNB4. As I scroll between LNB1~4, both LNB1 and LNB2 yield the same signal level and quality, even though LNB2 is circular! If I turn off USALS by setting "motorized system" to "None" then I get no signal on anything. If I mess around with different combinations with the Fortec still sitting on AMC5, only LNB1 will light up as expected, but it seems to be a bit of a black art.

When I get it to doing what is expected (strong signal only on linear LNB1), I then set it to LNB4 and go about pointing the fixed dish (at AMC5 for now but just for testing because the signal is so strong and it's reasonably close to my true south so the elevation is higher and I know for absolute certain those friggin' trees aren't in the way). But I'm not getting anything on the new dish on LNB4. Maybe I'm just being impatient but not being able to trust the receiver is ACTUALLY switching to LNB4 I'm worried I'm spinning my wheels.

When I get back from a trip this weekend maybe I'll just hook it straight to the receiver and remove all doubt before I kick something :) Has anyone else seen similar weirdness with their CW600S or CW600S Premium?

Apologies in advance for the novel :eek:
Eliminating the switch temporarily should alleviate any doubt :)

Once I was up in my dish farm with the receiver/monitor outside checking the signal between my QPH-031 on the motorized and my Norsat high stability on the fixed Channel Master. I had the motorized on G-10R, same as my fixed dish, and switched between the two dishes (LNBs). Signal and quality were so close to being identical that I couldn't tell which was which on my spastic Pansat meter :) I had to actually put my hand in front of each LNB to prove to myself that it was switching between the two dishes :D
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