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May 23, 2004
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Hey all;

I picked up a local channel connector to add in some of the subchannrls and pick up NHK World in HD, which one of the PBS stations carry.

I’m noticing that the picture isn’t nearly as smooth as it should be — almost as if it is dropping frames but “catching up” quickly. When there is a camera pan it is very noticeable — it is not smooth but somewhat jerky.

When I plug the antenna directly into the TV, no problem. It doesn’t matter if I watch directly on the Genie it is plugged into or a client.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? It is almost like the receiver is struggling to decode the video. Signal strengths are all pretty decent. I have an HR54 and 65” LG OLED.

Anyone else experiencing this? I really do like the guide integration for the sub channels — they are all listed correctly with guide data.



Jun 5, 2009
Southwest US
It's a known issue with both the LCCs and the AM21s. The work-around is to either pause the OTA channel briefly and then hit play or hit the six-second "replay" button. I've been doing the latter for so long that it is now virtually automatic any time I tune to an OTA channel.

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