D* Retention - valid phone number?!?

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Dec 1, 2005
Beaumont, TX
I tried to get in touch with D* Retention Dept. using a number I found in this forum.

The number I used was 1-800-600-8977. However, this is no longer a valid number.

The message redirected me to 1-800-531-5000.

I got through to the recorded voice, but it didn't seem as though it was the Retention Dept.

Can anyone give me a current, valid, direct number for that Dept.?

Thank you.
atc89 said:

I've tried that number recently and it does not work in my area (Phila, Pa). I've been using this number 888-355-7530 (C.I.S. = Customer Installation Service). It takes me right to the people that handles upgrades/installation and dates:up :up
Directv actually told me to call the retention number when ever I needed to.
They didnt tell me it was the 'retention' number though.
i've gotten UNBELIEVABLE results with the rentention #
i called and she offered it to me at $299 with $10 off for the next 12 months :( They said I'am a a list customer and thats the best they can do, blah.........
jammy said:
I tried that number - 800-824-9081 and it works (with GREAT results!), at least in Texas.
I also have had good luck with that number.
Matter of fact most of the time they answer without me having to go thru prompts ! :up

Yes, the two times I called it, no menu.

In fact, the second time (7AM Sunday) it was picked up while ringing by a real human instead of going on hold!
I recently got my R15 and D11 installed as a new customer. I had the usual R15 issues and called retention because I am either going to get a HD-DVR for free or on the cheap side or I'm going to cancel and go with Dish and get a 625 dvr from them. Anyways, I explained the issues to this lady and she said she wasn't having any problems with her dvr's and that all reported issues have been resolved. I told her I had confirmed duplicate issues with multiple people on some web forums and she told me to not pay attention to the forums and that she would foward the call to Advanced Tech Support. That's the end of that conversation. I will probably call back later and see if I can get someone better.
So I called back and they are still giving me the run around. I told them to cancel my service and they told me I would have to pay a $275 fee. I'm not even two weeks in to my contract and they are going to force me to pay $275 for something that's not even working the way it should be!? That's friggen ridiculous. They will not upgrade me to a free HR20. You only have seven days from the time of installation to cancel without paying extra fees. This is BS.
was looking to get the free hddvr :)
only problem is the new leasing but that is ok b/c there is no way around it that i am aware of. been a customer for 2 years, got an hd receiver for -$150 in december.
this is what i got today:
$250 credit
$10 off movie programming (free hbo) x 6 months
6 mo show time free
4 mo stars free
free HD package x 4 months
free install including moving any receivers
so in total I will be getting charged $50 for the new HD dvr but after the money off I will be getting paid $50 for all of this. Of note we will be going from 4 receivers down to 3 and will have two dvrs so will not get charged the extra tivo fee.
saving one receiver fee/month
paid $50
the new programming :)
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