Data: Consumers Want DVRs on All TV Sets


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Sep 8, 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
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C-Cubed, publisher of the DVR Monitor Report, and Ucentric Systems, a provider of home media networking software and applications, recently partnered for an analysis evaluating consumer interest in multi-TV digital video recorders (DVRs).

Results of the survey found broad interest in multi-TV DVRs among owners; a high correlation between a multi-year presence of DVRs in a home and consumer interest in obtaining DVR capability throughout the home; and a high correlation between consumer interest in multi-set DVR capability and multi-set ownership, the companies said.

Most DVR owners said they want DVR capabilities on more than one TV. Among all multi-TV DVR households, 22 percent own two or more DVRs, and 59 percent express interest in having DVR capabilities on every TV in the home, the study found.

Among DVR households with two or more DVR units, 17 percent had DVR technology in their home for less than a year, while 44 percent have had DVR technology for at least three years. Interest in DVRs on all TVs increases the longer the DVR has been in the home, the companies said.