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Feb 16, 2009
I came home last night and was getting ready to watch the fall premiers and I go to my receiver and it's locked up. No problem, I restart it (see the first bar of Acquiring signal) and switch over to cable (I have Dish for HD programming and DVR and Comcast for internet - but it's cheaper to get the package with internet and "basic" - aka broadcast + ABC Family + several public service channels - TV as a package - it's $20 cheaper, go figure). Tonight, I get home and again, locked up receiver, so I cycle power again, except it goes into a continuous reboot loop :( . I unplug the machine for about 30 minutes, and try again - no luck - I get 2 seconds into programming and the cycle starts over again.

I decided to use Dish Chat rather than call. I connect to chat and have the first level support person go through the normal - Unplug, wait 2 minutes and plug it back in. I didn't even get through it getting through the "Acquiring Signal" screen before he says that he has to elevate this case to Tech support (which is fine with me, but probably jumped the gun a little - but then I've been using Dish since they first started and probably used all of the right words that immediately pushed me up a level).

Once I got to second level support, we finished going through the reboot and no luck. Removing the surge protector between the wall and the receiver didn't help, so I have a replacement receiver on its way (I'm guessing something's overheating causing the reboot).

I just wanted to say that they did a great job and I felt comfortable going through the steps using the chat. When I do these on the phone, I feel like they're rushing me - and most of the time it's waiting for the receiver to reboot - which I can't make go any faster...

The new receiver should be here in a couple of days (at no cost, thanks to DHPP).

Now for two questions:
- I have a ViP 211 - will I get another 211 or would they send a 211k? I have a 211k for a weekend house, and I like the size a little better...
- For the external hard drive - what do I have to do to enable it on the new receiver so that it can access my recordings?



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Dec 30, 2010
Denver, Colorado
You will get another 211

If you already have the EHD services activated on the account, you do not need to do anything. Set up the replacement receiver, and when it's all done, hook up the EHD and it should work as it did on the last unit. If you get the message that asks to format the EHD, get with me, or one of the other DIRT members and we can correct that.

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