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Oct 29, 2003
Louisville, KY
Well, the local installer comes to the house this morning and says I have your 811 and second dish ready to install. I said, second dish? I only ordered a receiver. He states that one of my locals is 61.5 and I needed the second antenna, and that there are HD channels on 61.5. Both of which I knew. So I said, well, I was gonna call dish back anyway and get the additioanl dish (61.5) just incase there were more channels added. So I tell him to put the dish on a pole on the side property of the house which has a clear view to the southeast. He says, wait, I need to go back and get a pole from the office. So I wait like 10 - 15 minutes he calls and they have no poles and their shipment comes in on monday. I ask him to install the receiver anyway, and he says he cannot because this receiver needs the 61.5 satellite. So, we're delayed until Monday afternoon. But I DID see the 811 receiver in the truck. As a matter of fact he had several in there.

Anyway, maybe Scott can answer this, did he really have to have the 61.5 hooked up? I say no, other than he may be required to tell dish, yes, he is getting his local on 61.5 and yes we're getting the HD demo channel.

Sounds fishy to me. Friggin' two more days.

I live just across the river from you in Jeffersonville, so I'm hoping my installer won't tell me the same thing.

The only local on 61.5 for us is KET-2, PBS. Wife will not allow a second Dish on our fence and so I will tell him that tomorrow if he mentions it. It is not a requirement to have the 61.5 Dish installed if you do not want it. It is required for DISH to provide it for free if you want the extra local.
Oh, I want the extra dish. I think it was cool that dish saw in their records that I have a local over on 61.5 and that I don't have the second dish, plus I just ordered an 811. So, they or maybe the installer saw it fit to just go ahead and add the second dish....though they could of done it back in September. Anyway, yeah, I am only going to have one channel off of it now, but my wife thinks she would like to have the everything pak and drop the locals for OTA and HD. She saw HD over at my dads and doesn't want to look back. Pretty cool...
My wife thought the same of the HD OTA and wondered about dropping the locals off our account but I told her that the other two tvs we have don't pick up locals OTA (analog) very well.

Mine was delayed today, too.

I had an 8-12 window. Got a call about 9:30 saying that the installer called in sick. Could have rescheduled for Wed, but I want to be home so settled for next Saturday.

My call was from Florence for a Georgetown install.

Darn, was REALLY looking forward to my new toy, replacing a 7 year old 4000.
That is the one thing I do not like to do, is keep customers waiting, because I have gotten a lot of my business by having quick service. If I got so much business that I could not handle it I would hire people to help cut down on wait times. I think if someone has to wait a week thats too long in some cases, definitely when its two weeks.

I had someone tell me once that they had already prepaid Dish Network to come out and install a satellite system and then they told them it would be a two month wait and wanted me to install it. I told them that I would have to charge $100 and they said they may consider it but never called me back after that. I told them if they would have ordered it through me that sometimes I install the same day. Its impulse buying. When you wait too long people lose interest or find another place to buy it. I have had that happen to me before.

I guess when you pay in advance with no refund available, are an existing customer, or get an excellent promotion that they think that they can get people to wait longer and that there is not much that they can do unless they lose the deal or their money.
Well at least your installer has the 811 mine called and said they did not have any and rescheduled my install 30 days from today and told me if they get some in they will try to be out earlier. Good thing I have my 149 dollar 6000 to fall back on and if I get lucky I might get the 921 before the 811.
MikeHDTulsa said:
Well at least your installer has the 811 mine called and said they did not have any and rescheduled my install 30 days from today and told me if they get some in they will try to be out earlier. Good thing I have my 149 dollar 6000 to fall back on and if I get lucky I might get the 921 before the 811.

That's odd. From your screen name I assume you live in Tulsa. I live in McAlester, OK. I ordered the 811 on Monday from a local retailer. The retailer got it on Thursday or Friday and installed it today (Saturday). I believe it came from Dallas or somewhere in Texas. They said it would have been here sooner but UPS dropped and destroyed the first 811.

I'm a new subsriber though, and I think I read somewhere that the retailers are paid more for new subs than they are on this $149/$199 upgrade deal for existing customers.

So thats the reason all of our Dallas are installs are being re-scheduled. All of our 811s are being shipped up to Oklahoma!

Now Im really pissed! Oh well, at least Stoops finally tasted defeat yesterday! :)
I was on the 8-12 window yesterday. No one showed. I called and they claimed they had called me to reschedule for next week. My recorder had no message and was working. I told them that I was not available for that day, so, they rescheduled for 8-9 Friday. We will see if they show up then.
Let me know how you like it....

I still have not had time to play with mine besides plugging it in and scanning for local channels. I need to ship my unit back to Claude tommorow morning.

The baby was really sick yesterday so I spent all day driving in the blizzard to the hospital and in the hospital.

Today I am busy shoveling anf getting stuff done around the house. (Im Mr Mom today) :D
I have my 811 now and the one thing I do not like and I hope they fix with software is I cannot get rid of the black bars on regular SD programming. I have a rear projection and that scares me because I know black bars can cause burn in. The tech lady on the phone wanted me to switch to 4X3 but I informed her that the 4X3 isnt activated yet. That surprised her. Thats scary too, because she's in DISH tech support.

That, and my local channels I get from DISH aren't being remapped to their respective channel numbers.

Other than that I like it! I like how the guide is more responsive than the 6000. The installer informed me that I was his first 811 install.
Mine Is Delayed Too

I just got a call from ADS, I think it was. They were supposed to come out on Monday but they said it will be 2 weeks before they get the 811s. They didn't even reschedule, they said they would call when they get them. They were calling from Oklahoma and I live in St. Louis.

This sucks. You would think they would manufacture enough 811s before releasing to handle the load. This is plain bad business. I have already been charged for it on my credit card also. They are going to get a call from me.
I'll call my local retailer and see if they have it. I would have went with them but I went with Dish direct because they told me they would be here Monday.

I guess they just schedule installs regardless of having the product, its a good way to make money, charging people for equipment they don't get. They should have anounced it a month ago it wouldn't make any difference.
The call I got was from ADS too and I bet they are just installing new subscribers and are going to make us wait that would just be my luck.
ADS is short for American Digital Systems or the company that now wants me to wait for 30 days for my 811. They did install my 6000 on time maybe I have pissed off somebody at Dish Network or maybe they want my to try Direct TV but I have to wait because I am payed up until August.
Well in about 24 hours, I should have my 811. My install window was 12 to 5 yesterday and the tech was here at 1155 AM...and called around 1130 before he came. When I had my inital install, it was a 12 to 5 deal and they showed up at 4 PM. He was delayed because he had to fish cable through walls on the previous three installs, as many people around here live in trailers or very old homes with no interior wiring for cable. I talked to other reailers and installers in the area and they said that 75 percent of their jobs involve fishing wire and doing outlets while the rest are pre-wired jobs. Apparently, this is considered standard installation (fishing wire).
*sigh* I new it was too good to be true. Dish tried to call me a short time ago to reschedule my 811 upgrade (was supposed to be tomorrow) and I missed the call. In central NJ here we got close to a foot of snow and I didn't have high expectations that the thing would actually go through. Hopefully, it's just weather related and not an availability problem. Unfortunately, since I missed the call and a CSR couldn't reach the scheduling department, I'll be crossing my fingers until tomorrow morning :?


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