Denon AVR-S930H

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  1. Features:

    * 7.2 channels (5.1.2 for Dolby Atmos)
    * Dolby Vision and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma; via future firmware update)
    * Multi-channel Surround
    * HEOS Wireless Multi-Room Technology
    * Streaming Services: Amazon Music / TIDAL / Deezer / iHeart Radio / Napster / Soundcloud / Mood Mix / Spotify / Pandora / SiriusXM
    * 8 HDMI (7 back, 1 front)
    * 2 composite in/1 out
    * 2 component in/1 out
    * Audyssey MultEQ

  3. Just ordered one of these for the bedroom to replace the Pioneer SC91. Should be here Saturday. Been a while since I've gone Denon. I think my last one was the 889. It will be going into the bedroom, so I don't need all of the bells and whistles. This one meets the needs. Next will be a 65" Dolby Vision display, and I should then be set for a while.

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  4. I am debating the A3070 or X6400 for the main HT, to cover Dolby Vision.
  5. My 5100 will get the update, but I'm not upgrading the 940C for many years.
  6. I think the 930 is about right for a bedroom set.

    I went with the X4300H in the family room because I wanted to add the 9.1 height speakers. I still need to mount the height speakers and purchase the auro 3d upgrade. It's all sitting in boxes, waiting for my crazy month to end. Denon will push dolbyvision to my receiver, hopefully soon. The new setup is already amazing, and can only get better.
  7. Yeah, Im not too worried about DV right now anyways, until I get a display that can be calibrated in that mode.
  8. Got it hooked up this morning. These Denons are beyond idiot proof. It you through every single step. I already had everything hooked up and must have spent more time hitting skip. Anyways, quick hookup and took about 15 minutes to run the firmware update. ran Audyssey in 3 locations. I love the sound on this. Very clean. Mids are much better than the Pioneer. Very musical. The Pioneer always had this thump in the mids to mid lows. I listen/watch VEVO all the time. Everything is clean and musical from top to bottom. I also like how Denon/Marantz will automatically switch from DD to Prologic. Pioneer doesn't. With Pioneer, if you have prologic enabled and switch to a DD signal, it goes to 5 channel stereo. Messed with my Oppo and ROKU. No handshake issues with my nonHDR SOny 850a.

    A winner so far.

  9. From what I have read, MCACC is OK, but can't come close to Audyssey. I think the newer 64bit YPAO is good, but nothing out ther other than maybe Dirac is as good as XT32. Plus its hard to beat dual sub eq on the higher end models.

    Thats where I have to decide if I want the upcoming Denon 6400 or the Yamaha A3070.
  10. Called AVS Sales today and grabbed on of the last Yammie A3060's in stock for a great price. Will post some info when I get it in, this is my first Yamaha and first time now buying a D&M product in years.
  11. 3060 is nice and will do dual subs.
  12. I'm excited, always fun and anxious trying a new brand and technology. I opted for the 3060 over the CX5100 just because it was such a good deal, and the 3060 has quality DAC's. Now just need the upcoming DV FW update.
  13. I'm liking my Yamaha ...
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  14. Update hit this morning. Don't know what it does. Nothing listed on the Denon site.
  15. My 930 took the HLG update this morning :)

  16. my X4300H asked for an upgrade last night, but I hit 'later'. I know that they are advertising Alexa support in September. What is HLG?
  17. Hybrid Log Gamma: It's a broadcast HDR standard used with youtube and freeview play. It's part of the ATSC 3.0 standard.

  18. Thanks. Eventually worthwhile, but not urgent then. (for me)