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Dec 18, 2003
Well I found myself at the detroit auto this past weekend and well since I am
hear I will check out bestbuy. Walked in and went to the satellite section and
was greeted and asked if I needed help with anything. I wasn't looking but they had in stock the new hughes HDTV set-top box, looked amazing and they had a directv demo using it. I ended up slapping down 473.00 in cold
cash. They asked me for id and I asked why they told me it was for a marketing program, I said not interested, they finally said ok after I told them I would go somewhere else to purchase. Well I walked out with a new hughes and was asked at the border if I purchased anything, I said yes and they said how much, about 500.00 american. She was really in a good mood and said have a good night. Set-up was easy, using a p4 card and phase III dish with a DTC 100 also. Now if only directv can get in gear and start adding lots of
Generally customs doesnt care if you bring satellite equipment across the border. If its pirated, its a different story but a brand new Dish and receiver isn't an issue.

I am surprised they let you walk out without showing you ID. Im sure you had to sign one of those agreements, agreeing to activate the receiver or pay a $150 penalty? Right?

You probably got luckey and got some rookie kid who didn't know what he was doing :)
I went into bestbuy knowing the rules, directv gives you only 30 days to activate set-top box. The salesman that came up to me was very young and was nervous and I came in about 5mins before closing and the staff was in a hurry to leave. They did not metion a form to sign but they did keep asking me for id. When I purchased my voom system sears was not interested in selling unit to me even that I could prove I have a house in up-state new york but I am canadian. Well I was very lucky a little bit but you are wright the border on the canadian side could less about satellite product coming overand in somewhat so does the sellers, they just want to make money and why shouldn't they.

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