Did any body notice this release from Cablevision-Big Bro is watchin



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Dec 2, 2007

I got this when I went into online billing to check my bill. I usually skip this type of notice, but this time I decided to read and was shocked to see the type of info they collect on our habits!

We may also collect service-specific Subscriber Information
depending on the Covered Services to which you subscribe:​
• Optimum Voice.​
If you are a subscriber of a covered Cablevision
voice service such as Optimum Voice (which is an
interconnected Voice-over-Internet Protocol “VoIP” service), we
may collect customer proprietary network information (“CPNI”).
CPNI is information that relates to the quantity, technical
configuration, type, destination, location, and amount of use of
an interconnected VoIP service or telecommunications service
subscribed to by any customer, and that is made available to the
carrier by the customer solely by virtue of the providercustomer
relationship; and information contained in the bills
pertaining to interconnected VoIP service, telephone exchange
service or telephone toll service received by a customer. The
disclosure and use of CPNI is subject to specialized restrictions
as described in Section F.

• Internet Service, including Optimum Online.​
If you subscribe
to a covered Cablevision high-speed Internet service such as
Optimum Online, we may maintain records of Internet
Protocol addresses and email accounts that we assign to you,
as well as any violations or alleged violations of applicable
terms and conditions of usage. We may also collect usage
information as it relates to portions of our websites which
subscribers may access for the purpose of managing or
operating their use of the Covered Services. Additional
information about our privacy practices specific to our highspeed
Internet service can be found in the Additional Privacy
Information for Cablevision’s High Speed Internet Service
(located at Optimum Online - Privacy Policy).

• iO TV.​
If you are a digital cable television subscriber, we
may also automatically collect information when providing
services or when you interact with our systems such as
changing your television channel, reviewing listings in an
electronic program guide, using your remote, ordering or
viewing on-demand programming, or engaging in other
interactive programming features. This information is
maintained on an anonymous basis, except in connection with
billing related information such as VOD, pay-per-view, and e-Bill.

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