Did the TV show NCIS ripoff a character's name from a cult movie franchise?


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Dec 12, 2012
I'm watching NCIS on USA right now, and on the Season 4, Episode 2 episode titled "Escaped", there's a character named "Russell Nash". But wait, "Russell Nash" was Connor MacLeod's alias in the years 1985 and 1994 in the movies "Highlander" and "Highlander: The Final Dimension". Did NCIS ripoff the character's name? Or was it just a coincidence? Thoughts?
I did a whitepages search for Russell Nash and it came up with 102 of them. Do I think they are all a ripoff of a character's alias on Highlander or vice versa. I think not. Authors pick a name not based on some other author's idea but something out of their own head....
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I gotta agree with Bobby here ...

I remember Russell Nash in both instances ...

Damn, not I'm gonna have to look up and see what Streaming service The Highlander belongs too.

Kudos to my power company

In your opinion, which company makes the DUMBEST TV commercials?

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