Directtv Carries Locals in HD in LA?

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Oct 19, 2005
I called DTV and asked if any locals are carried in HD without an OTA in the Los Angeles area. I was told CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox were carried without an OTA. However, the DTV website says an OTA is required.
Can anyone tell me if they truly carry locals in HD yet or was I talking to someone that didn't have a clue?


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Mar 30, 2004
I'm in Van Nuys and get CBSW (81),NBCW (83),ABCW (87), and FOXW (89), via the DTV satellite. You'll need OTA, however, for the digital versions of WB, UPN, PBS, and the other locals. I have a channelmaster 4228 that receives a strong signal from Mt. Wilson, and I pretty much use that anyway because the picture to me looks better than the one one coming from D*. Maybe it's because of all the compression D* uses. :confused:
Please reply by conversation.

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