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Jul 14, 2005
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Hi guys,
I have an issue with the set up at the lake.
I have a SWM dish with a new (just swapped out an old LNB) RB LNB (3), ran a new piece of coax to the PI (also swapped the PI out ...
I'm getting a 771 error on the 500's and many 200's as well.

When i look at the signal strength, the 101 is 80's and 90's.
The 99 Sat is registering all 0's
The 103 Sat is low as well but does have signal ...

I've done the basic apply slight pressure on each side of the dish to see if it improves ... the 103 I got into the high 70's going to the East, but NOTHING helped the 99 Sat.

This is at the lake, so I'm not there all the time ...

Suggestions .... this as I find out has been happening for about a month.
There IS a tree out in front, but I am thinking the Sat comes fromhigher than the tree is, but maybe not.
I've replaced or swapped out everything I can except the reciever and the dish itself.

Thoughts I may have missed ?
Are all the cables new? I got the 771 and the tech saw the cables where they go into the Villa were corroded and replaced the ends and that metal case they go in and that fixed it.
I Do have another RB LNB with me .... your really thinking the new one i put on is bad too ...
Sub is thinking the tree may be the issue.
So the old lnb was doing it, too? You didn't say that.

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