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Dec 8, 2007
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For those on the fringe that wondered why they lost half their transponders when Directv 8 launched in 2005.

Green = 55.7 dBW

Blue = 53.7 dBW

Purple = 51.7 dBW

Pink = 49.7 dBW

Yellow = 47.7 dBW

Orange = 42.7 dBW

Red = 37.7 dBW

Brown = 27.7 dBW


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Sep 7, 2003
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Just wondering why this is being posted over 3 years after being launched, didn't know people lost half their transponders.
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May 18, 2004
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I would like the answers to the other more relevant questions; like who is it that lost half or their transponders; what is the use of these footprints today some years post-launch and what is the source of their creation?


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Aug 26, 2008
Hey Nelson, Im a fan of your satellite footprint maps.

I guess the DTV has no fun like sats not getting where they are supposed to, Eastern Arc, Western Arc.

I for one appreciate your work.

Concentrate con the Echo birds, Someday the DTV crowd will appreciate this great information.

People who lost their transponders were DTV subscribers who were not living in the US but had subscribed to DTV and had their receivers installed in the Caribbean or Central America, etc.

So you dont care. Or you'll says its ilegal.

I just say be glad you are living in the Continental US. If you are ever send out for work, or your sons/daughters are sent somewhere outside, beleive me you will miss your TV and will find ways to get it. Like taking your reciver with you and using BIG A** dishes!!!
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